Our hens — say hay farms

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Our hens — say hay farms using the greater diversity

Our eggs, and every aspect of our farm, are certified organic by CCOF. Which means every element of their feed regimen should be certified organic, and for that reason also non-GMO. We don’t compromise with regards to feed.

Most hens spend their lives eating mainly three foods: soy, wheat, and corn. The reason behind this really is two-fold: (1) chickens, unlike humans, don’t be capable of synthesize proteins and for that reason require a complete protein source to fulfill the metabolic need for lounging eggs, and (2) society originates to see eggs like a food that needs to be provided cheaply, forcing producers to chop costs to some minimum (or beyond). Soy, corn, and wheat would be the least expensive commodity crops to fulfill the fundamentals of chicken diet.

Following a 2 year, side-by-side experiment, we figured that our hens are healthier when given an eating plan free from soy. According to our experience, we discovered that including soy within their diet appears to possess some impact on their absorption of minerals and vitamins. We’ve since converted our flocks to some soy-free diet.

Make certain with Modesto Milling to make a Say Hay Farms’ custom mixture of feed to satisfy our standards and address our hens’ and customers’ needs.

Our custom-milled feed includes:

Organic corn, organic grain bran meal, organic rapeseed, organic wheat, organic peas, limestone, organic sun-dried alfalfa, organic sunflower seeds, organic flaxseed, organic algae meal, Redmond Ocean Salt, organic garlic clove granules, organic horseradish powder, organic star anise oil, organic juniper berry oil, organic cayenne peppers, along with other organic ingredients to balance the minerals and vitamins

Additionally for this milled feed and rotation through various pasture, our hens have constant use of probiotic feed supplements, herbs, and tonics to advertise robust natural defenses.

Diversity is essential. We feel that must and soil, our hens are created more powerful and much more robust using the greater diversity of feeds define them.

Our hens — say hay farms clove granules, organicResourse: http://sayhayfarms.com/ourhens/
Our hens — say hay farms define them

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Christian Quinones: Dr. Tarrin P Lupo

Ashram Nath: This is a great video. All the stories are enjoyable and truly inspiring. Thank you so much.

Thomas D Harrell: Quit your job and start a farm? You better be prepared to work your ass off. Been there done that. Work Work Work. All day all night, all week, all month 365 days and nights a year. You have never lived until you are up all night delivering pigs or a cow. First one is fun, the 100th one is pain in the ass. Gathering peanuts is just blast too. Go outside and throw dirt all over yourself especially in your eyes. Don't get me too wrong, farming is hard life but it has rewards too. Work on a farm before you go by one. You may love it but it's not easy.

Debra Brown: Thomas D Harrell

Anne Boelyn: Thomas D Harrell ..Yes and be prepared for weather conditions. Floods and drought , hail , heavy frosts ect ect ..Especially the unexpected storms that destroy crops . Oh don't forget blight in crops too .

Kusar Farms LLC: My husband I have been looking for about three years now for a farm to purchase. The Bank is our biggest hurdle. Our jobs are eating away at our savings, it is getting harder. We have decided not matter what in May we are moving out of the city to an rural area and pursue our dream, not matter what.

Cecily Douglass: you can give me a farm in Kenya\nIl Gladly take it.

Tummun: Cecily Douglass \nWhy ask anyone on YouTube about that? Go there and go through the ordinary way. Tell them you're a direct descendent of slaves and your will give it to you for free.

TheRejectedKiller: my treaty with the coyotes and foxes around my chickens is the .22


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