Free downeast thunder farm chicken house plans

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Free downeast thunder farm chicken house plans plan studying


Should you download the plans, you’ll notice we integrated nesting boxes across the left side (lengthy side) in our coop. This suited our needs at that time we built it, however they may be located wherever you want to place them. Actually, you don’t have to construct permanent nesting boxes in to the coop whatsoever. Rather, you are able to develop a portable or moveable nesting box and put it wherever you want within the coop. That will alllow for easy removal and cleaning.

Relating to your last couple of questions: You ought to have a minimum of rudimentary woodworking experience and skills with hands & tools, together with fundamental plan studying understanding to try building this coop. Without such prerequisite skills, my favorite recommendation (when it comes to safety) would be to employ a local contractor to erect a chicken house for you personally. If you’re motivated and determined enough to tackle this type of project, you can buy books on fundamental shed and outbuilding construction from stores for example Lowe’s and Lowes. Such books are relatively affordable and supply fundamental general instructions with photos, illustrations along with other pertinent information. Oftentimes exactly the same stores may also compile a materials list for the project, from a duplicate of plans you provide them (free) when you’re acquiring the materials from their store. Inquire in their service or contractor desk.

Prior to starting this type of project, you’ll need fundamental products like a set of sawhorses. You are able to download a totally free plans package with sketches, instructions and materials lists for sawhorses, tool bench, work bench, feet stool, shelves, etc. by going to my site: and hover your cursor within the “about” button. You’ll then visit a drop lower menu and then click the very first selection under “about” titled “RR Plans & Sketches.” That will give you to some menu page of sketches. The final one listed at the end from the page “DTRR Workshop Fixture Complete” may be the hyperlink you need to click. This will give you for an info page in which you click once again around the hyperlink, which will begin the download process in pdf format. Save the pdf document for your computer, and you may print the plans by yourself printer on standard 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper.

Appreciate your comments and questions. All the best together with your chicken house project. We’d like to see a few photos when you’re finished if you feel to transmit them.

Free downeast thunder farm chicken house plans permanent nesting boxes


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Free downeast thunder farm chicken house plans few photos when

How to build a chicken coop: Step-by-step instructions with free plans


E Fleming: In case you missed it in the description… the plans for this coop are found at  To see all the pictures, click on “photostream.”

453gators: Thank you very much for posting this. Very well done.  I down loaded your plans and built an identical coop. It was a lot of fun to build. Parts list was excellent.  Cost as of March/2017 was around $650.  Almost all items purchased at Lowes.

Kristopher Luke: I just finished a modified version of this coop (To for the area I have available) and it’s rock solid. Thanks very much for the ideas. Awesome stuff!

E Fleming: +Kristopher Luke Hey Kristopher, I’d love to add some pictures of your coop on my flickr page if you are willing to send some my way. My email address is listed on the plans. Congrats!

Dahlia Bristow: Thank you so much for your time and trouble in making and posting this video. It is so very well done and breaking the whole thing down into steps makes it feel very doable.

auzzierun: very educational, thank you for such a detailed video that is narrated better than most videos I’ve seen.

McAwesome777: been watching a bunch of these same type builds and id say this is my favorite

E Fleming: I am very curious to hear how the supply list worked out for this coop.  If anyone has built it, please let me know how it went.   Thanks!

LD Henderson: Or not lol

Michael Griffin: Supply list worked out fine for me. I’d say to reduce 4 2x4x8 with 2 2x4x10. It was irritating to cut the 5′ floor joists out of 8 footers to see I could have bought 2 10 footers. The screws were $9.36 i believe. I am using a screen door hinge on the nesting box as that will help keep it closed if it doesn’t get locked by my daughter. I found something called t12 instead of t11 so I went with that. It was $41 and pressure treated. I’m not totally done but looks like I will have enough wood to do the coop structure. No fencing was mentioned. And I couldn’t find the windows for the price listed but about $10 more. Also, I got 2×2 to frame out the nesting box as my supply store did not carry 2×3’s.\n\nOn the build I don’t know if you mentioned it in the video but one thing I ran into was not putting the carriage bolts far enough in on one board to mount the 2×6 that was installed with screws. I didn’t forsee this and was just gonna mount the 2×6 on the outside of that side since it was hidden anyway, but ended up just noting out a small piece with a chisel for the bolts and stud.\n\nI’d say that using a circular saw instead of a miter saw to make the notches is better because you get the even depth straight through and then use a chisel to clean up the left over.\n\nDon’t know if you mentioned it, but found that a 10 degree angle word well for the roof. I used this on my circular saw to cut out the notches at the top of the 4×4 posts and finished with a saw.

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