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Boulder natural meats - solutions to questions that this is actually

The word “All Natural” within the chicken industry, is required like a Raising Term in addition to a Processing Term. We provide and process these two two chicken lines, and each of them come under the “All Natural” category. See explanation below…


Our program follows exactly the same processing needs set through the USDA plus some very strict raising guidelines. NO ANTIBIOTICS – EVER, NO CHEMICAL MEDICINES EVER, The Opportunity, 100% VEGETARIAN DIET, NO DE-BEAKING, LOW STRESS ENVIORNMENT. These growing practices are characteristics of what’s known as a “NEVER EVER” program, that is talking about NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER. Chickens which are sick with this particular program are taken off the flock, given antibiotics and moved right into a “USDA Natural” program.

The chickens within this program will never be EVER given antibiotics. A really small part of all chickens elevated in The United States follow these strict guidelines. These raising protocols are why is this chicken a Boulder Natural Meats product. Since there are no antibiotics provided to these chickens there’s an extended growing cycle, greater feed costs, greater dying rate, along with a greater price of managing the program.

This chicken is equipped for that consumer that values these strict raising protocols.

Are chickens Anti-Biotic Free?

Definitely not! To put it simply, when the label doesn’t state that the merchandise is Anti-Biotic Free, it isn’t. Always read your procuct labels to make sure that the product meets your preferred level of quality.

Are generally of the chicken lines “organic”?

Although our lines are not certified organic, our chicken offers the majority of the same benefits as certified organic for any less expensive. No antibiotics EVER, 100% vegetarian diet, no added hormones with no steroids.

Are hgh put into the feed or supplements for either of the chicken lines?

Definitely not. Federal Law strictly prohibits using added hormones in chickens.

Are Boulder Natural Meats products Gluten-free?

Yes. Boulder Natural Meats’ single-component fresh chicken many our Useful products are gluten-free. For the Useful products, book the merchandise ingredients just to make sure that this is actually the situation, because this is usually a good idea whichever product you’re purchasing.

How can i find Boulder Natural Meats products?

Learn and you’ll discover Boulder Natural Meats products

How lengthy could it be safe to help keep Boulder Natural Meats products within the refrigerator or freezer?

We advise fresh open packaged chicken be stored inside a covered container within the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 days to make sure maximum freshness. Our VSP (Vacuum Sealed Packaging) technology, enables frozen chicken be stored securely inside your freezer for approximately 3 months.

What’s the safest method to defrost Boulder Natural Meats chicken?

It is recommended that you set it within the refrigerator. A great guideline is it takes five hrs to defrost each pound of chicken, so plan accordingly. If you are in a rush, you are able to immerse packaged chicken in cold water. You may also make use of the microwave, but watch the chicken carefully because the thinner portions have a tendency to prepare as the thicker sections continue to be thawing. Stick to the microwave manufacturer’s recommendations regarding defrosting cycles for chicken.

Are the products packaged using plastics and flicks which are Bisphenol A (BPA) Free?

Yes, 100% of Boulder Natural Meats goods are packaged using Bisphenol A (BPA) Free plastics and flicks.

What exactly are your chickens given and therefore are they given any arsenic compounds or will the feed contain GMOs?

Boulder natural meats - solutions to questions natural, all-vegetable diet

At Boulder Natural Meats our Antibiotic Free Chickens are given one hundredPercent natural, all-vegetable diet of corn, soybean meal, and wheat, prepared with minerals and vitamins and proteins for health. Our chickens will never be given roxarsone or any other arsenic compounds with the feed or water, and also the feed/water is continually tested to make sure of their high dietary value.

Throughout our chickens’ lives, we provide them with the suggested vitamins, together with a, D, E, and K, plus B-12, biotin, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin which boost the chickens’ defense mechanisms and improves quality. We always attempt to source a GMO free diet for the chickens, however, we can’t guarantee using GMOs within the feed.

Common Terms

Certified: What this means is the merchandise continues to be examined through the USDA for sophistication, grade (i.e. Grade A) along with other characteristics that report quality.

Natural And Chemical Free: The word is frequently utilized in marketing but it’s illegal to possess on the label.

The Opportunity reely Roaming: This means they chickens have free accessibility outdoors.

Fresh Chicken: This really is raw chicken which has didn’t have an interior temperature of under 26° F.

Robotically Separated Chicken: This really is chicken which has had the tissue separated in the bone with a sieve under ruthless. As a result, this meat should be designated as “mechanically separated chicken” within the ingredients statement.

No Antibiotics: Chicken offered with “no antibiotics” around the label implies that the chicken didn’t receive any kind of antibiotic treatment anytime.

No Hormones: Federal rules stop using added hormones.


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