Raising chickens 101: building a chicken house

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(This is actually the third publish within our Raising Chickens 101 series.)

Building a Backyard Chicken Coop

The housing for the chickens is often as simple or fancy as the imagination and budget permit. The fundamental criteria is going to be determined by the birds.

DIY Chicken House Plans and Designs

  1. First, choose the dimensions. You’ll need 2 square ft of space on the floor per chicken, and something nest box for each three hens. Nest boxes ought to be in regards to a feet square. For bigger breeds for example Jersey Giants, allow yet another sq . ft . of space on the floor per bird. Learn much more about the sizes of various chicken breeds to discover which size chicken house fits your needs.
  2. Sketch the chicken coop in writing, with measurements. (Have no idea how to start? Look into the plans for just about any size flock here.)
  3. It could also be useful to mark the floor in which the coop is going to be erected, considering its location in accordance with the sun’s rays (southern exposure ensures greater warmth and sunlight) your regional structures (are you going to attach it to some garage or barn?) and the requirement for a run, fenced or otherwise (more about that in just a minute). Construct your coop and operate on high ground to prevent battling water and dirt problems!
  4. Make sure you incorporate a door along with a floor within the plans. A door is often as simple as a bit of plywood on the frame of just one-by-2s, with hinges and a straightforward latch—make it big enough that you should go in and out easily with eggs in hands or perhaps a basket. (Learn to collect your eggs to determine which you’ll need). A dirt floor is perfectly sufficient. However, should you develop a wooden floor, intend to raise it 6 inches off the floor. Another choice is put concrete, in case your some time and budget allow. Also consider regardless of whether you brings electricity in to the coop: A minimal-watt bulb will prolong your day during wintertime several weeks and egg production figures constant.
  5. Coop ventilation is much more important than insulation. Intend to have openings close to the ceiling for air flow. (While chickens enjoy moderate—around 55°F—temperatures, ours survived nicely within the barn through –40°F winters. Their down stored them warm.) Also intend to install a few 1½-inch dowels over the upper area of the coop this can let the chickens to roost started at night.


Building the Chicken Coop

  1. When you are ready, take the intends to the lumber yard. Someone there will help you figure out how much stock and just what tools and/or equipment you’ll need. Intend to frame the chicken coop with 2-by-4s and employ sheets of plywood for that walls. The rooftop could be a sheet of plywood engrossed in roofing materials, or perhaps bit of sheet metal.
  2. A 5×20-feet run could keep a little flock—six to eight hens—happy. Extra space is much better if you possess the room. If predators really are a problem in your town, bury a layer of chicken wire 6 inches deep underneath the coop and go to foil diggers like foxes, dogs, and skunks. Mink and weasels can slip through standard 2-inch wire. To ensure that they’re out, use a few 2-inch layers offset or 1-inch wire rather. Plug any holes within the coop walls too.
  3. It’s important to accessorize the chicken house, a minimum of rudimentarily: Waterers, offered by farm suppliers, keep your chickens from fouling their supply of water. Acquire one for each 3 or 4 chickens. Will also get an rss feed trough lengthy enough to allow all the chickens feed at the same time (or get two smaller sized ones). Find out more about chicken feed. Have enough wood shavings (pine) or straw to place a 6-inch layer on the ground and a few handfuls in every nest box as well as your chickens have a perfect home. Alter the bedding about monthly or maybe it starts looking flat.

Remember, a chicken house need not be complicated. Our first would be a small shed constructed with recycled wood. The run was screened in chicken wire and built to the side in our house. It was not pretty, however it did the task. Just bear in mind the 2 simple rules, “Measure two times, cut once,” and “Pointy finish lower,” and you and your hens will be happy.

Have more tips about creating a effective hen house and cleaning chicken coops, too as bringing up baby chicks and collecting, cleaning, and storing eggs!

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