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Everybody pitched directly into ‘help’! We used corrugated metal sheets for that roof, ran in an position for rain elope.  It’s not proven here, but we covered the ground with a few cheap vinyl floors to create cleanup simpler.


We found two home windows at our local Habitat For Humanity for very inexpensive.  They weren’t full working/sliding home windows, to easily open them for ventilation we designed a simple pulley system using thin rope, eye hooks and twine cleats to help keep the home windows open if needed. Our other two home windows my father had lounging around & was nice enough to allow us rely on them.  To ensure that it stays predator proof, we stapled hardware cloth within the window openings.


For that chicken door to the run, we used exactly the same rope/hook/cleat system to lower or raise the doorway.  The bottom from the door also offers a lock that attaches towards the floor from the coop to help keep predators out during the night.  Eventually we’ll install a computerized door which will open/close at pre-set occasions.  My husband finds plenty of DIY automatic doorways online using vehicle window and antenna motors!  So at some point soonish we are making that change.


The nesting boxes are all around!  Way more only then do we need, but when we have ever choose to fill this coop with 30 egg-layers, only then do we happen to be setup.  My husband could make all of the boxes from scrap material.  We intend to place the rabbit boxes within the space underneath the nesting boxes.


The roosting area has 3 levels created using a mixture of remaining lumber and eucalyptus branches from your trees.  There is near to 40 straight line ft in roosting bars so that all the chickens should have ample room to roost.

And lastly, the end product!


We colored it to complement our home and added a chuckle color with petunias within the window boxes.  My handy hubby made the doorway from siding and 2×4’s and added the enjoyment hardware. I truly love the way the coop switched out and also the women which have been residing in it during the last ten days sure appear to too. I can’t wait to load it up with a lot of wild birds and rabbits and revel in it for years to come!


Organic Chicken Coop Tour of Wangsness Family Farm


stopthe madness: Your chickens looks happy��Thank You��

Organic Valley: +stopthe madness Thank you for supporting good farming practices!

Jesse C: Amazing, now if only every farmer was as compassionate as you!

Organic Valley: :)

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Shara: ty

Marie J. Brooks: Nice

FrogRemy33: Hello! Thank you for having such an amazing farm! I can't express my thanks enough! I cry every day about the horrible treatment of chickens, and it lifts a big weight off my shoulder to know that some people don't torture their chickens! I hope that nothing has changed since this was uploaded, since it was five years ago!

Melania Trump: Rebecca Louise If we want to carry that 0.1 ounce of weight, let us carry it.

charlie: Rebecca Louise stop promoting your shitty veganism. Raise your own free range hens and eat their eggs. Hens will produce eggs no matter what, what's the point in wasting them after all their hard work?

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