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Situations are really beginning to consider shape around here everyone! I’m so excited to talk about phase certainly one of building our chicken house.  Once it’s carried this out place will feel far more legitimate like a ‘homestead’.

I understand I stated I needed to obtain the garden grown as soon as possible, however the ground was still being too wet to till and also the local extension office states the final freeze is going to be around March 10th…. So rather of planting an outdoor, we hit the following factor around the homestead to-do list…building a chicken house!

Therefore we attempted to find free pallets. There’s a building business near the house so we always see stacks of pallets there, therefore it was the apparent to begin with to appear.  My hubby walked in and requested the person when we might take some pallets and that he requested the number of we would have liked and told him to return over a couple of hrs and he’d ask them to ready for all of us! Because of our neighbor having a trailer, by lunch we’d 18 pallets within our yard!

After we had the pallets and understood how big these were – these were the same size, yay! – we created a fundamental plan and hang to operate.  I’m so grateful for any husband with many different construction background, as this factor would not came together without him.

First we grabbed some concrete blocks and set them in to the ground for any foundation, this possibly required a long associated with a part of the development because we’d to ensure they are as level as you possibly can.

Then place a pallet on the top for any base (so we found a bit of plywood within the shed that happens to be almost precisely the right size for that floor! however i didn’t obtain a picture of it…)

Next was screwed in to the blocks, we began going vertical and added pallet walls. We used two pallets for every wall, so it’s a tall coop.

Only then do we designed a hole for that door and attached the rafters.

And that’s it! Phase one! We’re really pleased with the coop to date. As well as more happy with just how much it’s ended up costing to construct. To date we’ve only needed to buy a couple of 2×4’s and a few hardware for that door. Anything else we’ve got free of charge or had been within the shed whenever we bought the home, right lower towards the screws, a saw, and gallons of paint! Our neighbor has offered us some remaining shingles and plywood for that roof!

Stay tuned in for phase two!

Take a look at phase two here : Pallet Chicken House (Phase 2)

Browse the final phase here : Pallet Chicken House (Phase … Done!)


Free Recycled Pallet Wood Shed Chicken Coop


Tina Crapson: on gardenfork( YouTube channel…great one,BTW), Eric has a video on making a pallet disassembling tool. I would HIGHLY recommend that channel for you!

Maniac Mom: You guys did a great job. Gee maybe I could build an entire house out of pallet wood.where do you get pallets at?

Big Family Homestead: +Maniac Mom We got our at the local farm store- Rural King

James Bates: Maniac Mom Supermarkets will also offer them for free. walmart, lowes and the like.

nms886: Great Job guys!

Big Family Homestead: +nms886 Thanks 886, we appreciate it ;)

swampmammytheone: I would love to see a video on how to dismantle the pallets…Great job on the chicken coop

Chelle Parks: What an awesome job!!

Big Family Homestead: +Chelle Parks Thanks!

bellaxfatal: Gotta love free stuff! My fiancée built our compost bin out of pallets. Hopefully, when we have our own home, we can do something along the lines of this. Hope your chickens are enjoying it.

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