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Your chicken coop is the biggest investment you will make when raising chickens, professional plans will ensure you are spending your money wisely!

Considering adding a flock of chickens for your backyard?  Now that we’re firmly “chicken people” I wouldn’t wish to reverse.  Not only will they give to us all of the scrumptious fresh eggs we are able to eat, they keep the backyard free from dangerous insects, give to us a lot of wealthy compost for that garden, they happily eat the majority of the kitchen at home scraps, and they’re just really fun to possess around!  I love sitting outside, watching them peacefully spending your day pecking and scratching and lounging under the sun.  They really enable you to slow lower.  The great part about chickens is they are simply affordable creatures to help keep – for around $1 each day you can preserve twelve hens (and obtain 15-25 dozen eggs per month!).  By far probably the most costly a part of keeping chickens isn’t within the maintenance, it’s within the setup.  Having a sturdy and secure coop and run is essential to keep your wild birds protected from predators and also the elements.  Large, commercially made coops can encounter the 1000s of dollars and aren’t always made from the very best materials.  You can help to save A lot of money because they build your personal coop.  We opted to construct our coop whenever we began out.  My husband and that i aren’t super handy, however it still arrived on the scene ok.  Many from the problems we encountered could have been solved when we were built with a solid plan.  I scribbled out some measurements and concepts on graph paper so we went in internet marketing.  We had some issues with roof angles, venting issues and so much more issues that once we grew to become more knowledgeable chicken proprietors we’ve had to return in and then try to fix.  It could have been a lot simpler (and cheaper!) when we had just tried it right to begin with. Basically may go back in its history and provide myself some advise it might be to possess some real, professional plans as opposed to just fluked it.  Altogether, we most likely have spent over $1000 on materials building our coop & run.  That’s lots of money to purchase scribbles on graph paper!

Chicken Coop Guides

I had been lately sent an incredible help guide to review from about building your personal chicken house and also the gears within my mind are totally turning!  This guide has detailed plans for 10 AWESOME COOPS.  Everything from the small chicken tractor completely up to and including huge 60+ chicken house having a storage room!  I would like to build “The Chicken Farmer”…’s just about everything I would like inside a coop: one I’m able to enter with a lot of space for chickens, exterior nest boxes, poop boards & plenty of access doorways for simple cleaning.  The guide lays everything out for you personally from the detailed lumber list for shopping, to foundations and roof lines, nest boxes to roosts.  Hundreds of useful illustrations and tutorials assist you to feel confident that can be done this!   Nearly 200 pages not just contain detailed coop plans, but additionally useful tips about what chickens need in the home and creating a run. I will tell you that inside a couple years when our cobbled together mess of the coop begins to show it’s age, I’ll easily be using one of these simple intends to develop a new coop.

Chicken Coop Guides

Hold on there’s more! (I’ve always aspired to state that lol!)  It might totally be worth the money due to this guide, but at this time on whenever you order the “DIY Chicken House Guide” you receive a whole library of chicken care guides!  These additional guides are awesome for somebody just beginning out, but those who have been raising chickens for a long time will like these informational books.  I know I’ll be embracing the “Chicken Illnesses & Diseases” guide constantly!  Your chicken care library includes:

DIY Chicken House Guide

An Operating Help guide to Chicken Illnesses & Illnesses

Selling Your Excess Eggs just for fun & Profit

Would you like to Raise Chickens…A Beginner’s Guide

How to pick the perfect Chicken Breed for the Flock

This package provides you with all of the understanding to obtain began and effectively keep the first flock of chickens and will make an incredible gift for your special player 🙂  I love that you could decide to perform a digital only download from the books, or perform a combo pack in which you obtain the e-books And difficult copies shipped for you.  As almost as much ast I really like the web, I simply love getting a magazine within my hands.  Click to to obtain began now!

DIY Chicken Coop Plans


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