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But, you may well ask, Amish are maqui berry farmers, right? What makes them building prefabricated chicken coops? Growing Amish communities, limited land sources and escalating property prices imply that many Amish people are

Amish Work BenchEvery Horizon chicken house for purchase starts right here…

going “off the farm” to create a living. Their traditional skills and trades – within this situation, woodworking – are offer use within our owner-operated workshop. And also you, the customer, take advantage of the result!

Don’t assume the Amish status of shunning technology and “modern society” equals “backward” ways and archaic skills. Horizon Structures Amish-made chicken house aren’t constructed with hands saws and wooden pegs… Our Amish personnel are skilled and experienced carpenters incorporating decades of rural existence experience, expert craftsmanship as well as an outstanding work ethic into each and every Horizon Structures chicken house they build.

Our Amish “coop crew” differs from six to eight men.

Dan Crew Foreman in Chicken CoopA couple of these carpenters can certainly build our popular Quaker board and batten coop within 2-3 hrs which fits to about 5 coops each day. During our busy season, you can get extra the aid of our shop to improve production when needed.

Our crew foreman, Dan, is fortunate with creative resourcefulness as well as an innate knack for on-the-place engineering. When we require a new coop design or perhaps a customer demands a unique feature or modification, Dan welcomes the chance rather than does not rise towards the challenge to produce something unique. He jots lower his ideas with higher old-fashioned paper and pencil and pops up having a solution very quickly whatsoever!

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Points to consider before ordering your chicken house:

Our Chicken Coop Production Line

While you go over their list, you’ll rapidly observe that Horizon Structures’ simple, time-tested chicken house designs along with a practical, good sense listing of Standard Features incorporate everything your hens need in to the ideal chicken house.


Horizon Structures Amish-made chickens coops are housing backyard chickens in 46 states. The very best-of-the-line recycleables we use are perfectly suited to an array of climate and weather conditions.

  • Board and Batten ImageSiding: white-colored pine board and batten (obvious or cedar plank stain) or LP SmartSide (colored: you select the colours!) Both of them are superior wood products offering natural insulating qualities (for cold and heat) in addition to standing to whatever Nature can throw their way every year.
  • Wood rafters: produce a super-strong roof to carry up heavy winter snow loads.
  • Generous home windows: let light all the while keeping rain and wind out. The metal framing is chew-proof and resistant against rust.
  • Venting: enables moisture and heat to flee and keep rain, snow and drafts from the coop. Some coop designs include extra-large hinged panels enabling you to open the vents to be able to maximize air-flow on hot, sunshine.
  • Foundation: pressure-treated wood resists moisture and bug damage. Our elevated chicken house models give a shady place for that hens to relax underneath And the coop interior drier and cooler in summer time.


No matter where you reside, the critters that like to victimize chickens are everywhere… raccoons, coyotes, hawks, weasels, snakes – their email list really is limitless. Our chicken house designs have them away.

  • Chicken Coop Testimonial from Linda S, Oxford, CTPressure-Treated 4×4 legs raise some coop models 12” to 14” off the floor deterring many predators.

  • 1”x2” vinyl-coated metal mesh over home windows and hinged vents is actually chew-proof and impossible for bigger predators to squeeze through.

  • All doorways, home windows and metal vents are extremely strong and could be guaranteed tightly.

  • Reliable siding: You will see proof of eating or clawing Lengthy before anything seems to gnaw its means by through our 1” thick white-colored pine panels or 5/8” thick LP SmartSide wood siding.

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Horizon Structures chicken house designs come in many of sizes.

  • 5x6 Chicken Coop with Dusk-2-Dawn Door and Chicken Run

    There exists a coop to support almost any size flock or variety of chicken. From Three hens completely as much as 40 or even more – bantams to Jersey Giants.

  • Our tiniest coops fit easily into cozy urban backyards.
  • Mid-size coops are at home in suburban neighborhoods.
  • Our super-size chicken coops won’t get “lost” in your farm.


Customer with Chicken and Puppy in Front of Chicken CoopLittle Ladies taking care of their Chicken GirlsHorizon Structures is how the Amish and chicken coops get together in perfect harmony! The Amish are only for family and home, simple, honest living and lower-to-earth values.

If you are raising chickens, without doubt this stuff you need, too. Getting chickens in your coop in your own home is a lot more than getting fresh eggs… It’s an excellent experience for the entire family. Children especially love getting together with the chickens and many are eager to discover taking proper care of them.

Horizon Structures chicken coops come in the united states – individually – by our skilled Amish carpenters. Each chicken house is carefully hands-crafted by men that understand the requirements of chickens and the need for a properly-made coop which will last for several years.


Purchase a Horizon Structures Amish-made Chicken House so that you can ENJOY Your Chickens – Worry Free!

Little girl peeking into the nest box of our Mini (Chicken) Coop 2For a lot of, the fluffy little chick you’ve cradled with you and lovingly nurtured so carefully is much more than an “egg-producing machine.”

We all know you need to make certain she’s a comfortable and safe home whenever you to maneuver her (and her siblings!) from underneath the brooder light and in to the big wide world.

Your day you proudly collect your initial egg, you’ll know you’ve made The best option for the family flock having a Horizon Structures Amish-made chicken house!



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Jonathan Annis: you are my favourite YouTubeber

Richard Grafton: How You Can Make Sure Your DIY Chicken Coop Plans Are a Good Fit More and more people are starting to look at DIY chicken coop plans to help [Check Details Here⇒⇒⇒ ]  them through the process of constructing their chicken coop.

Shen Bon: informative

jessica murillo: Great advice

Melissa Bitter: Justin, you kind of skipped over the permanent coop on cleanup. (You're awesome by the way!) So for those of you wanting a permanent coop and in case it's not a topic for the webinar: for cleaning out the coop w/the deep litter method, if it starts to smell, just add more carbon (wood chips, pine needles, sawdust/sand mixture, whatever) and then clean it out once a year. Also, be careful not to rot out the sides of your barn. Tack up some plywood to protect the inside parts of the permanent coop, or put up cinder blocks like Justin does. Also, I've heard some people say to use up to 2 feet of deep bedding, I think the key is just not to get too little. :)\n\nIt's better to have the chickens move around, but if you have to have a stationary coop, the deep bedding isn't just for the ease of caring for the chickens, it's also good for their health. That deep bedding promotes a healthy bacterial environment and helps the chickens stay healthy.

M Leonard: I didn't know that about the straw and hay. We've been using predominantly straw. We tried pine shavings but they didn't seem to like laying their eggs in it. For now we use mainly straw. We stake our goats near the house for now and feed some hay (no fencing yet and the forage needs to regrow). What hay they leave on the ground gets gathered up on a dry day along with the fallen leaves and pine needles and divided between the chicken coop and goat shed. This means I"m only raking fall leaves a couple 5-gallon bucketfuls at a time 😉 I'll be switching to pine shavings and leaf litter mostly after we build our new coop this spring.

Frederick Dunn: +M Leonard Sounds good! :)

Doing It Better: I've watch all the back logged vlogs and other vids so now I'm waiting for these everyday. :)

Natasha Williams: Here’s how to design a coop that keeps your chickens warm in even the coldest of climates: ChickenCoop. info

Frederick Dunn: Nice collection of make-shift coops… thanks for sharing! Does the metal roof model get too hot in direct sunlight?

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