Building a chicken house in 2017: one step-by-step listing

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  1. Bedding Material

straw vs pine shavings vs pine chips

Bedding is essential to soak up moisture, odor and droppings in the coop. Lots of people use straw because they’re less expensive. However, we all do not recommend using straw as they don’t absorb moisture perfectly and also the entire coop could possibly get very untidy because of this. You’ll most likely need to alter the straw bedding much more frequently too.

pine shavingsPine shavings or pine chips are our preferred choices given that they are actually excellent bedding because of their superior absorbent characteristics.

A sizable bag of pine shavings or pine chips should cost under $10 when you get them from Walmart or any pet stores in your area. Lots of other proprietors of small pets uses these as bedding for his or her pets’ homes so pet stores will often have these handy constantly.

Just make certain you let the store assistant realize that you will be with such for the chicken house and they’ll have the ability to estimate the total amount you need. If uncertain, just get a few extra bags because you’ll need to switch the bedding every so often.

Whichever material you decide to use, be generous and lay lower a minimum of 4 inches of bedding. It is because the bedding will flatten just a little with time.

  1. Nesting Boxes 

nesting boxes closed

These boxes are where your hen would go to lay her eggs. A hot and comfy nest encourages a hen to put her eggs inside instead of outdoors on the floor in which the eggs are inclined to predators and trampling by other chickens.

nesting boxes open

Nests ought to be placed within the coop backed-facing a door or flap for simple access when collecting eggs. The greater nests you are able to easily fit in the coop, the greater, as you would like to encourage your hens to put as numerous eggs as they can without getting to battle over space. As a guide, you need to build at least one nest every 2-3 hens.

  1. Roosting Bar / Perching Area

chicken perch

May possibly not be recognized to many but chickens sleep best when they’re perched high off the floor. A chicken will often look for the greatest reason for the coop to rest because they deem it the safest place not even close to the achieve of predators.

chicken perch 2A roosting bar should therefore be set up in top of the parts of your coop so your chickens can sleep soundly during the night.

By roosting on the perch, chickens also avoid mites, lice and bacteria found mostly on the floor or floor from the coop.

Chickens poop during sleep, so the roosting bar shouldn’t be placed over the feeders, waterers and nesting boxes. Make sure to also put the bar where it will likely be simple to shovel the waste from the coop.

Alternatively, you can convey a tray or more directly underneath the roosting bar to be able to take away the trays, clean them and set it well easily.

  1. Water and food – The feeder and waterer ought to be installed somewhere where it’s visible for you to be able to easily monitor and refill the sources if needed. I recommend placing them outdoors within the chicken run area. It’s also wise to build multiple feeding areas so your chickens have sufficient space to give themselves without getting to battle over water and food.


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