10 free chicken house plans for backyard chickens

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Building your personal chicken house is definitely economical and fascinating project to complete particularly if you have free chicken house plans for this. To obtain start building your personal backyard chicken house for cute guys, take the aid of these free chicken house plans that varies from small, large, mobile, easy and creative ones.

This short article concentrates on some diy chicken house and fashions which will make your chickens feel at ease and secure so let’s possess a deep insight around the information on the various designs and the perfect design it’s possible to have for much better nurturing of chicken. So let’s begin using the following designs.

1-Igloo Portable Small Coop

This configuration is perfect for a couple of hens at the same time. Probably the most charming characteristic may be the tray that may be hauled out. This haul out tray assists maintaining legitimate immaculateness from the coop to be sure the sickness insurance. This small chicken house  is portable and possesses numerous features worthwhile.

  • A mesh wire around it protecting the chicken
  • It’s a inexpensive design
  • It’s secure in addition to easy to plan

Browse the complete plan

igloo partable chicken coop

2- Palace Chicken House

This can be a free chicken house plan with instructions and pictorial guide of each and every step for building your personal chicken house. This coop can hold five to seven hens with 10 sq foot of run space per bird. It’s sloping nest box and roof for water drainage. You may also download a google sketch up files for chicken house blueprint.

Palace Chicken Coop

3-Door And Window Fowl Pen

This chicken house getting a mesh wired window as well as an entryway empowers legitimate light procurement and various benefits. This consolidation of air and protection is among the major facets of this configuration. Another characteristic may be the one section and something passageway territory thus making the coop maintained, cleaner and guarded. Complete Plan

window and door fowl pen

4-Portable Urban Coop Design

Another yet innovative chicken house blueprint and plan for a metropolitan community may be the portable urban coop design. The prominent options that come with this design are:

  • Within an urban setting where individuals could easily get offended with keeping chicken in backyard, this design is the greatest option because the neighbors wouldn’t become familiar with concerning the chicken mess.
  • It’s portable and could be taken anywhere.
  • It’s lightweight and could be easily transported having a colorful play house design.

urban chicken coop

5-Chicken House For Six Hens

If you’re searching for any chicken house with large run area that one is much better arrange for you. This coop has good ventilation, removable roost for simple cleaning, electricity for heating water and lighting for night. There are also nesting box plan to obtain 6 hens to put eggs within their boxes.

Chicken Coop For 6 Hens

6-PVC Chicken House Plan

PVC coop plan require two important materials for that layout. The first may be the PVC pipes and the second may be the wheels for simple transportation. The distinctive features are:

  • The look is simple to construct and anybody can take shape it by themself.
  • The look is portable and also the wheels assist the convenient portability.
  • Using mesh wire for since the PVC pipes infrastructure helps make the structure lightweight and presentable.
  • This is among the free chicken house plans because it necessitates the materials which are mostly contained in everyone’s house.

Complete plan

pvc chicken coop

7-Hen Hutch Design-Spacious Yet Compact

Finest space yet simple chicken house plans come with an in aspect that in spite of devouring less space, they offer a comprehensive zone for that chicken. Due to its edges, geometry along with other such features, the coops are extensive as contrasted with various plans with similar area space.These designs have corrosion reluctant features which help within the protection from the chicken.This can be a small chicken house plan that may accommodate 4 chickens.Here you’ll find material list, detailed instructions, chicken house blueprints and chicken house plans in pdf to download.

hutch design

8-Chicken Barn Plan

Barn chicken designs are often utilized on a sizable scale for chicken rearing and shelter. Including large wooden design with following distinct features:

  • Innovative in addition to artistic designs
  • They’re wind controlled designs with upkeep of optimum temperature.
  • They may likewise incorporate solar power panels to make electricity and operate the coops via electricity acquired through solar power panels.
  • These designs assist saving power and cash because it has wind regulators and solar installments.

Detail Instructions to construct this coop

barn pen

9-Double Story Coop Design

Among the imaginative outlines is the free backyard chicken house plan having a double story. Top of the story is wooden that helps chicken regarding inhaling issues and also the chicken might have to go and also have some rest within the portion. The underside area however consists of mix section (mesh) wire which empowers the hens watch around and feeling the location spacious. This empowers the chicken to furnish all of them with the choice of suiting themselves and serving as per their will. The distinct features are:

  • Two compartments one for rest along with other for roaming about.
  • It’s wooden in addition to mesh wired based on the needs.
  • The double story provides space even if maintaining the compact feature.

double story chicken coop

10-Scrap Lumber Chicken House

This can be a small 4*8 chicken house produced from scrap lumber. This coop was created keeping all necessary needs for example ventilation, feeding, chicken nest box, roost and chicken waterer.

scrap lumber

Being finished with the conceivable imaginative easy chicken house plans, we direct the backyard chicken raiser to obtain fitting point by point informative content before planning and designing the chicken house. The number you appear in, the temperature achieve, the home space and also the value achieve would be the working out components for that resolution of building a chicken house. The bottom line is, using couple of fundamental instructions regarding designing along with a explore the very best designing materials would therefore assist in building the very best  coop for the chicken.

11-Portable Chicken Ark Design

An ark formed tent like coop design is an additional smart idea to keep a dozen hens in one location. The distinctive options that come with this design are:

  • These designs are spacious.
  • They offer mobility towards the chicken.
  • The ark utilized in the designed may be used during the night to pay for the coop to be able to safeguard the chicken from predators.
  • Additionally, it includes two ark handles that offer easy portability to the area anytime.

Complete plan

portable ark chicken coop

12-Pyramid Like Chicken House Plan

This diy coop design supplies a fresh and natural ambiance towards the chicken where they are able to roam about and eat natural unwanted pests and worms obtained from the atmosphere. The important thing features are

  • Mtss Is A-line pyramid coop is portable
  • It possesses a rather fresh and natural atmosphere.
  • It enables the chicken to build up correctly because of the healthy ambiance.

See the details here

pyramid chicken coop

Backyard Chickens – DIY BEST easy to clean, worry-free Chicken Coop!


TexanJ: Nicely done!

Build a Chicken Coop: Here’s How to build a small portable chicken coop ark (chicken tractor) that makes cleaning simple and provides fertilizer where you want

Kiskadog: Hi, thanks for sharing your work here–nice job! I have read that (lay) hens sleep flat footed so lot’s of folks make roosting bars with 2 by 2, or 2 by 4’s with the wider side up. Hens keep their feet warmer that way:) Great video, very appreciated.

Joey Signa: Kiskadog I have read that too but I live in the south and I think they’re ok

Ben Joseph: good info…thnx

Devinskyy Will: Very nice I want to make one that size. With that size do you need to let them out?

GameBlaster Eagle: You might consider using a tree branch for the inside perch instead of a 2×4. Much easier on the chickens. Otherwise a nicely done coop.

Per Shop: Good idea on the slick-coated dropping board.. Now I know what to do \nwith those unwanted shelf boards that I see people throwing out, which \nlook great, just didn’t think of what to use it for so I didn’t pick \nthem up.

Highview Hill Micro Farm: That’s really nice, love how you made a storage/nesting box all in one…would like to see the feeder and water system better, couldn’t really see how they get their food and water from the feeder.\nLooks very neat and clean and healthy for them though.

D90Girl: I wished I could get my husband off his lazy ass and build me something like this ! 👌👌

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  1. Good idea on the slick-coated dropping board.. Now I know what to do
    with those unwanted shelf boards that I see people throwing out, which
    look great, just didn’t think of what to use it for so I didn’t pick
    them up.

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