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Eight years back, the meals Conspiracy Co-op’s Chicken House Tour was produced look around the household system of keeping chickens.  Potential chicken keepers could visit existing household systems to determine coop options and investigate different systems.  The tour is self-led people select from the tour map and guide what they need to determine.  There are a number of coop styles and setups, different breeds, and household chicken systems that differ based on their household purpose.

2010 tour features a farm scale producing system that increases the Co-op with fresh eggs, ReZoNation Farm, in Avra Valley.  There are a handful of urban farms, one out of Midtown known as Dreamflower Garden, that is a market garden and shared chicken house among neighbors.  At Dreamflower Garden you can go to with Holistic Hen, a small company growing and packaging plant nesting mixes along with other products to maintain your hens in good condition. These guys a Southside urban farm based on the city Food Bank Las Milpitas de Cottonwood Farm’s coop is managed with a neighborhood family and incorporates composting.  There are many home scale systems including several outdoors from the City–one is really a coop managed by Avery, a 12 years old who’s thinking about breeding. This really is Avery’s second time around the coop tour!  Another example is really a coop that’s a converted playhouse.  The playhouse switched henhouse is really a property along with other small or small structures which are within the is employed by a small house project.  There’s lots of coop and system variety to determine which is a great day-to learn and become inspired.

This season the Co-op is around the tour—come by and find out and discuss the Co-op’s emerging chicken system.  Visit with Co-op staff to discover the Co-op’s player loan program that supported ReZoNation Farm chicken system growth. Hear tips and where you’ll get free abundant healthy chicken food, enjoy tasty local egg samples, and receive Co-op coupons for that store for chicken and eggs discounts. Reduced prices for tour goers can also be found on chicks at Ace Hardware on 22nd/Kolb as well as on lounging pellets at two Arizona Country Store locations.


Local Spotlight: Tucson's Food Conspiracy Co-op


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