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Coop setup the Rammed

When you are ready to select a home for the chickens, you are able to construct your own coop, purchase one in one of Central Texas’ artisan coop builders, or locate one online. Do-it-yourselfers should check out The Garden Coop Plans or Chicken Mobile Stagecoach for overall seem design and a few excellent construction techniques.

Other great ideas are available at Backyard Chickens Coop Designs site, and if you feel a movable coop fits your needs, take a look at the Chicken Tractors site. For that more ambitious and innovative builder, take a look at the Rammed Earth Coop, built with a parent whose child attends Austin Discovery School. This coop protects chickens from both extreme Texas heat and also the winter cold by utilizing thick earthen walls and eco-friendly materials.

Get inspired to see others all the advantages of backyard chicken with your personal tour!  Michelle Hernandez, Funky Chicken House Tour Founder and Event Director, authored How to begin Your Personal Coop Tour . Twelve sound advice for beginning a chicken house tour in your neighborhood can be found in this short article, using techniques that labored very well for previous effective Tours in Austin.

Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance FARFA’s efforts to avoid unnecessary and costly government regulation frequently benefit backyard chicken proprietors in addition to small farms. Find out more about how government action can impact what you can do to boost your small flock. Understanding of the problems is the initial step toward effective action.



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