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Should you not have space as well as your chickens are alone in small coop, or even though you take some help gardening, we advise a unique solution.

A chicken tunnel! It’s super easy to complete, your chickens may have extra room to operate around, you are able to move it around your yard, and you’ll come with an extra helping hands within the garden, that is always welcome.

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Materials needed:

  • Fencing stakes
  • Galvanized hardware cloth
  • U-formed metal or wire supports (optional)
  • Metal or wooden panel (optional)


  • Wire cutter
  • Saw
  • Drill

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step One

Map the path for the chicken tunnel while with the specifications of the backyard. The simplest way to get it done would be to turn it on across the fence, beginning in the coop.

Step Two

Obtain the hard wire, and bend it so it’ll make a bit more than half a circle. Then put your hardware across the established route while using fencing stakes to secure it down for lengthy-term use.

Step Three

Attach it towards the opening of the coop so your chickens can have the tunnel. Make certain that whenever putting it near the chicken house, it’s larger than the doorway.

If you would like, you are able to insert metallic or wooden panel in the entrance from the tunnel that may slide up and lower. This will help you to control the accessibility tunnel.

One finish from the tunnel should stay opened up, and yet another finish is going to be closed to avoid the chickens from running away.


  • Your chickens can play without creating a mess of the yard or perhaps your garden.
  • Chickens make wonderful garden keepers because they eat weeds and annoying bugs.
  • The chickens can dig and peck to organize the soil for planting seeds.
  • They fertilize the soil.
  • It’s not necessary to supervise them or be worried about predators.
  • You are able to move it around your yard based on your requirements.
  • The chickens are actually cute, particularly when they play within the tunnel.

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$25 DIY Chicken Coop


Peter LaShoto: I’ve seen several coops that look great…and cost hundreds of dollars. You’ll never get enough eggs to cover the cost! This guy has the right idea. I built 2 coops. One from a large bookcase an office was throwing out. Another from a doctor’s doghouse he was giving away for free, on Craigslist. Minor modifications cheaply converted them into 2 coops. I painted them both with the same color paint, and I think they look good. They’ve served me for 6 years. One will need some maintenance, but they work, and I probably put $30-$50 into each.

Tyler Johnson: Peter LaShoto thats how it should be if your in it to save the money. LOVE IT MAN!!! Wheeling and dealing is where its at

Pressured Prepper: Great job a little advise. Get a diff wire for the bottom of your coop. If their feet are sore they won’t lay well for U. Also coons will reach through the wire and rip them out of the pen. Our neighbor had this happen to them with 2 by 4 wire it was bad the kids cried for days, they found the hens ripped to pieces like poltergeist. I use 1/2 by 1 inch wire it also does a great job keeping the snakes out. Most laying operations use 3/4 inch squares. But it is questionable if the coons can reach through the 3/4 inch squares,\nWe live on a large lake and knew we had to build it like Fort Knox!\nWe had ours in the corner of the six foot privacy fence like yours and we had opossums and coons trying to get our birds luckily we had always locked them up at night and saw the opossum one night and knew we had to make a change or loose our hens. So we put a frame in the corner of the yard and completely enclosed them in a safe place. \nNice job chickens are very rewarding! Plus just love to watch them.

The Wandering One: Best thing to use is hardware cloth.

Nolan Cannon: Will chickens try to escape a yard or do they stay nearby the coop?

Tyler Johnson: Nolan Cannon they will stay near by but they will leave the area if not fenced. They wont go far but they will always come back

JayOphishal: You did a GREAT job with this this coop! Awesome

Tyler Johnson: JayOphishal I appreciate that so much. Thanks!

Mary: Nice this is awesome to save me money

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