Building a chicken house – part 1

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There's a saying about understanding how to prepare which goes something similar to “you don’t learn to prepare in culinary school. You learn how to prepare through getting inside a kitchen.” I believe there's an identical proverb waiting to become created which may let you know that you learn how to develop a chicken house: By getting down to construct it. I’m now believing that the possible lack of free chicken house plans on the web isn’t any sort of accident. There are numerous pictures and success tales as well as for a lot of money, you may also possess a pre-great package delivered to your residence with exactly the correct quantity of screws, bolts, mesh, etc. you need to obtain a little house built. Mark and that i made the decision to help keep our lot of money to live in and attempted to design our very own coop. Our total price for materials was $210.

I'd every aim of supplying free plans here, with the materials indexed by order and also the steps after nicely arranged to ensure that any interested party may need our experience and experiment. As you will see, it didn’t exactly come out this way. But that’s not necessarily a bad factor! What we should learned along the way was worth more that any easy-won (or purchased) success.


1. Unless of course you're an architect, it might be impossible either to draw or read intends to that much cla of detail.

2. Plywood sheets are available in a typical size  four ft x eight ft or 48″ x 96.” Being unsure of this, I prepared the entire coop on the 51″ platform. I do not know why. Used to do sooner or later possess some logic behind this decision, but have since forgotten it. I did not know much better.

3. A neighbor or friend that has tools and knows far more than you need to do about construction is definitely an indispensable way to succeed.

4. Plenty of materials could be scavenged and salvaged. We simply compensated for around 1 / 2 of the types of materials used.

5. Its really fun to construct something! And hugely satisfying.

So, here’s an highlighted help guide to follow. You can leave questions within the comments below as I’ll offer whatever I'm able to to help you get going, even when its somewhat encouragement around hour six or seven of buildout.

We began having a collaborative, rough sketch where we came the fundamental plan. You’ll need:

One sq . ft . of indoor space per chicken

Space for any roost

Space for egg boxes

Space for water and food

A fundamental home security system to help keep predators out

Some fenced-in outside space for that chickens to get away from the coop every day.

You’ll would also like your coop to become off the floor to be able to rake the poop from under and combine it with your compost, as it is termed as “gardener’s gold.” With this particular rudimentary sketch, we designed a grocery list and headed to the home improvement center to purchase the wood that people hadn’t already scavenged.

The home improvement center cut our plywood sheets into smaller sized rectangles and a pair of x 4s free of charge, but i was by ourselves for that 4 x 4 posts and position cuts.

Whenever you help make your rough sketch, attempt to base the proportions on 4′ in order to avoid getting to purchase an excessive amount of material.

Then we presented the floor and added some mix braces, which were away from the original plan. This is actually the floor bracing and also the completed floor:

Notice within the top picture there are little “L” formed bits of 2 x 4 that now wrap some x 4 vertical publish? Away from the original plan, but required for supporting the mesh floor. That mesh floor is going to be underneath the roost, as chickens perform a large amount of poo-ing during sleep. This enables for air flow but for the poo to fall through down where we are able to rake it away.

Next we tracked the angled walls. You can observe our neighbor, Ricardo, peering over the top wall.

We added a window in a single wall to allow in certain light which help to ventilate within the coop.

Around the opposing wall may be the door.

Next, we made the decision to help make the whole back wall hinge open to match egg collection, cleaning and checking up on the meals and also the water. Within the original plan, we thought we’d result in the roof hinged part-in place, but learned that shingles aren’t everything flexible.

We found that hinges aren’t that simple to set up and wound up creating some empty space to allow them to open into. The small wooden blocks exist because our screws were too lengthy and stuck out.

Into this space, we installed the lounging boxes along with a roost:

We added the rear wall and also the roof, and the beginning of construction was complete! The rooftop was the most challenging piece to determine due to my 51″ plan. Because the plywood is just 48″ wide, we'd have needed 2 sheets, but because of the super-math from the dude in the home improvement center, we were able to only use one sheet for that roof and added two more braces towards the roof to aid three smaller sized bits of plywood.

Stay tuned in for Part 2!


building the ultimate chicken coop part 1


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