Building a b-frame chicken house

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A-frame chicken coop

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There are lots of architectural designs for chicken coops. However, the A-frame chicken house is probably the easiest to create. Because the name signifies, the frame is formed such as the letter “A”. Essentially, it’s pie and incredibly simple to build and with all the materials ready, it may be built in a day.

Also referred to as a chicken tractor, A-frame tractor or perhaps portable chicken house, a well developed a-frame coop won’t be costly to construct. It ought to accommodate multiple perches, a nesting area along with a spot to consume.

For those who have made the decision with an A-frame coop, you have to go ahead and take following into account.


Outdoors is essential for the chickens’ health. It offers the appropriate oxygen towards the chickens as well as circulates the stale air. A wire mesh A-frame coop usually provides sufficient ventilation.


In case your goals are healthy wild birds and good egg production, you will need to make sure that your chickens are housed in a comfortable temperature. Consider the quantity of sunshine available on your lawn. Chickens have delicate sleep cycles, and also the sun is the easiest method to get these questions good rhythm. The good thing about a b-frame chicken house is it may be easily moved into (or from) the sun’s rays, with respect to the temperature and also the season.

Quantity of chickens

The number of chickens would you like to house within the chicken house? You need to provide enough space for each chicken to get access to perches, a nest and also to the designated eating and consuming areas. You might also need to think about the amount of eggs you anticipate getting in the chickens. A 5′ x 8′ A-frame chicken house will satisfactorily hold 4 chickens that is frequently all a household must provide eggs. Ideally the chickens will be able to the opportunity throughout the day if possible.

Easy Cleaning

Your chicken house ought to be simple to keep clean and maintain.

Mobility from the chicken house

Building a b-frame chicken house with handles makes it simple to maneuver your chicken house around within the yard, to maneuver it under or from under trees, to alter its orientation with regards to the sun’s rays or perhaps to take it closer to your residence.

The Fundamentals of creating a Chicken House

  • Obvious the area for that chicken house. Select your website on the light elevation so puddles won’t modify the coop following a heavy rain. Next, calculate your coop size. Typically, a hen needs a minimum of two square ft but four square ft are the best.
  • Create your own chicken house or download these A-frame chicken house plans. This coop has one large door to permit easy assortment of your eggs along with a separate entrance door. Together with your design ready, purchase all of the necessary materials in the list supplied with the plans.

portable a-frame chicken coop

  • Cut the wood to proper size. On the floor, place 4 bits of wood to create a rectangle. Screw these together to create the coop’s base. At each corner, lean posts in an position of 45-degree this creates a b-frame. All of the posts must have an overall length of approximately 6 ft.
  • Connect the A-frame finish posts with wood to provide a tent-like structure which has a triangular at both sides. The doorway ought to be on your triangles. Next, you’ll need develop a square door frame. Attach the frame inside your triangles.
  • Cover the whole outside of the chicken house having a chicken wire after which secure it with fencing staples.
  • Finally help make your door. You can do this by cutting a little bit of plywood this piece ought to be ¼ inch smaller sized the area you left for the door. Attach you utilizing a simple hinge along with a secure secure latch.

Each of the next chicken house plans have demonstrated well-liked by our readers. You may either construct your A-frame coop yourself or request anyone to construct it for you personally.

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Building an A-Frame Chicken Coop


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