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My purpose in the following paragraphs isn’t to challenge the nation’s Chicken Council calculations,  nor to argue for or against raising factory-farmed chickens more gradually with the addition of days for their bleak lives.  Nor may be the issue at hands about raising chickens in certain sort of “free range” setting. It’s about extending the lifespan of wild birds elevated on factory farms towards the same size and weight as they’re presently being elevated.

 Some say, simply,  get eliminate factory farming!  However, eliminating factory farming and raising vast amounts of chickens on range won’t happen. At any time, 1.5 billion “broiler” chickens are alive within the U.S. alone.  As Hope Bohanec writes in Factory Farming versus. Alternative Farming:  The Humane Hoax:

“To give all farmed creatures the area they have to have a semblance of the natural existence, we would need to destroy millions more acres of forests, prairies and wetlands than we’re already ruining. There’s insufficient land in the world, or perhaps two planets, to free-range hundreds of vast amounts of pigs, cows, sheep, goats, turkeys, ducks, and chickens to give countless people. We’d need nearer to five planet Earths. Free-varying creatures for food can’t ever be greater than a niche marketplace for a couple of elite buyers.”

Slaughtering Creatures versus. Saving the earth

 “Do we really need to slaughter another living factor to ensure that us to consume? Or, sadly, could it be because we want to?” – Richard Oppenlander, Easily Unaware , pp. 138-140

Hard as it might be to carry the idea if we are in the existence of what we’ve been trained to treat as food,  our response to this is vital for that fate of creatures and also the earth.  So I conclude this discussion, not by forgetting the issue of slow-growing chickens in comparison to the atmosphere,  but by stressing the main reason for the problem and it is solution.

  In Saving the earth, One Meal at any given time,  Chris Hedges explains he grew to become vegan once he understood clearly how his diet modify the planet for much better or worse. It required some doing, he states, “But with animal agriculture as the key reason for species extinction, water quality, sea dead zones and habitat destruction, with the death spiral from the ecosystem more and more pronounced, becoming vegan is an essential and direct change we can immediately make in order to save the earth and it is species. It’s one which my spouse . . . and that i make.Inches

  Becoming vegan – selecting animal-free food and rejecting the slaughter – is really a change that people, too, can and should make with regard to the creatures and also the planet we share. Hopefully we’ll.


Resourse: http://animals24-7.org/2017/01/30/would-healthier-chickens-harm-the-atmosphere/

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