Do silos need to be alongside your animal building?

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Do silos need to be alongside your animal building? next-to-your-animal-building
You’ll need the silo to be able to harvest hay when utilizing a scythe on grass. It’ll instantly get kept in the silo and will not get into your inventory.

However, be cautioned that when the silo is full you’ll stop getting hay altogether if you use the scythe around the grass. This is exactly why my recommendation is always to either build several silos, or develop a coop a minimum of so that you can withdraw the hay in the silo in the coop (can’t do that within the final upgrade for coop/barn, though).

By doing this you do not waste everything grass, and when little else marketing the surplus hay for money too. It will be helpful to possess several silos anyway, as you silo will support a bit more than the usual fully upgraded barn/coop it appears.

It’s my job to build 3 in obscure corners from the farm’s map that I am unlikely to make use of, after which fill individuals and withdraw the hay. Rinse repeat. Three appears like it ought to be enough for just one fully upgraded barn and something fully upgraded coop, filled with creatures. ^^

Do silos need to be alongside your animal building? waste everything grass

Also, another suggestion when ever you are harvesting hay. Unless of course it is the last day in fall, leave spots of grass in some places and do not obvious everything out altogether. This’ll permit the grass to develop back and will also grow everywhere and much more efficiently should there be open spaces around it. There is no limiter with this it appears, so just leave patches of grass in some places. ^^

Do silos need to be alongside your animal building? Three appears like it ought

Stardew Valley Getting a Silo! (DON’T CUT YOUR GRASS)


WildCatBoot82: Hay that’s a good idea

cah kene: nice 😀

Bebop_86: tyvm 😀

STK Aranaar: how to get the hay from the silo??????!?!?!?!?!?

Bebop_86: +squeaky owl Walk up to it and press your action button and If you have a coop or a barn you can get it from either.

Soufiane_Kadyrov: how did you get all that grass on your farm

Bebop_86: O.o just don’t cut it.

Soufiane_Kadyrov: okay thank you

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