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First rule of Chicken Club: your chickens will poop wherever you actually, seriously don’t would like them to poop.

Greatest about this listing of places? The feeder and waterer, because … eeew. Our ladies were getting bigger, eating much more, perching on the top of both feeder and waterer, crapping everywhere, and from time to time knocking things over and making a level bigger mess than ever before, so off I visited enter board.

The waterer switched out okay, for any first attempt We finished up having a hunk of PVC with five of Farmtek’s finest chicken nipples. It’s gravity-given from the three-gallon bucket hung in the pluot tree. Refilling it’s nowhere close to horrible a duty as was coping with its predecessor, which involved scrubbing partly-liquified chicken poop from a steel watering can.

Mistakes made: hanging the bucket in the damn tree, neglecting to use PVC pipe dope or Teflon tape on every one from the joints (they leak) and assembling the chicken nipples before inserting them in to the PVC manifold. Ends up you need to stick the washers in to the holes first, after which push the chicken nipples in, not the other way round. (Yes, “chicken nipples” is my new favorite phrase.) If you find yourself here, enlarging the holes within the PVC isn’t what you want you have to take away the washers or perhaps your set up will leak. Do not stab yourself having a screwdriver in addition.

The feeder must be ripped out and done over. Good concept: redwood structure, aluminum inside, plenty of room for feed. Mistakes made: it’s around the outdoors wall from the coop, therefore it will get rained on. Also it leaks, and also the food inside (first crumbles, then pellets) becomes moldy disgusting concrete, and also the ladies end up with upset. I finished up tarping the outdoors from the coop however it still leaks in a single corner.


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Enchanting Apricot: And here I was thinking I already knew most basic cooking tips

peter wurst: well actually more medium wellish\nI wouldn't eat it as medium as a typical beef steak for example \nAround 140 degrees internal temp for pork filet \nFor other parts there may be other internal temps

peter wurst: Actually salmonella dies at 70 C° according to my culinary teachers\nU have to beat eggs over a waterbath for at least 5 – 10 minutes at 70 \nAnd a chicken breasts internal temp is 72 for well done\nSo you have to bring it to an internal temp between 67 – 70 approximately\nBut if u cook chicken gently & dont burn the shit out if it \nYou could also bring it to 72 and still have a moist chicken\n\nI coat my chicken breast in flour\nBring the oil in the pan just almost to the smoke point\nAnd seer it on high heat to get color = flavor on both sides\nThen I take it out leave it to rest\nBut god forbid to wrap it in aluminium foil or else it will begin to steam & continue to cook\nWhile resting I cool my pan of a bit\nU can now add some shallots or other flavors to compliment the chicken if ud like\nAnd make a 1 – 2 portion sauce with some white wine or cream\nAnd finish the chicken poaching for example in there\nOr just finish cooking it in a dry pan with butter while basting gently

Mobin92: Dude why did you throw away the mushroom legs? 0o

iain dunbar: they can be very stringy/woody especially if the mushroom is several days old.

peter wurst: yeah but u can still extract their flavor by making a stock out of them

Kieran Boughner: Aromatics first always, it creates additional flavor.

Eric kim: Its seriously so important! Garlic, onions, chilis first. Then in with the shrooms and other veggies and meat if you wanna cook it all together. The oil will soak up that spicy garlicy goodness and spread its love to everything else. MMMMMM garlic.

PKSTkimo: Yeah I would use garlic, onions and chillis first. But those are not aromatics, aromatics like parsley do go last.

Dead Zone: Want some chicken with that salt?

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