Beginning chicken keeping: mistakes to prevent, and just how we survived our newbie! (funny story with useful advice).

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Beginning chicken keeping: mistakes to prevent, and just how we survived our newbie! (funny story with useful advice). hens to hatch more

Pretty awesome story and incredibly just like mine ..I’ve fighting rooster breeds ..the first is a Alabama blond named cugo .Along with a Rhode Island red rooster I call oscar.along with a oxford old british rooster that they is my (roo) he’s very aggressive I named him Tyson. Lol.i put him inside a pen together with his 2 hens cuz he attacked everybody that came near to him and my killer rott .. so after while of me getting together with him a fence he heated up in my experience without attempting to claw my eyes out . However i then got another 1 plus sum hens without bn prepared. didn’t have pens built yet therefore we designed a lil cage while labored onto her one coupled with a killer dog roaming my farm who incidentally loved to kill small creatures.and were able to kill 2 from the hens . So when the second pen ended. I walk by Tysons and find out that there are babies in ther.. For your information this kind breed r aggressive ther bred for fight. So wen I visited see the number of babies (5).I begin to see the other hens jumping within the mother and killing the babies she wiped out 3 because they arrived on the scene from under mother. And also the roosters will get rid of the babies if males .OMG.!!!!! And So I carry the hen place her in cage . Return and Tysons is chasing babies . And So I use try save them and mother puffs up in a major way and tries attacking me . And Tysons reacts to her reacting . To ensure that got way frightening and that i got out as soon as possible. And battled to obtain individuals babies out every way I possibly could think but mother was in it .finally after several unsuccessful attempts struggle after struggle and me n my women running chasing and brainstorming we finally got them out .now again to building pen. However the struggle ongoing cuz the pen had to have to wait a 150 lb hard headed rott. Meanwhile the final 2 babies remained within my family room which me n my women loved and enjoyed..then 1 died from wounds from father so 1 survived . But cage wad too large just for him he resided around till of sufficient age to protect themself.. then your patten ongoing more Babies same hen same struggle. Omg!!!.so during these three years I found that not every chickens r exactly the same.. I increased up raising chickens however these r not ur normal hens n roosters. .I needed to learn how to raise these like whether it was my first ones . N everything I figured I new bout chickens was incorrectly using these ones. Its a complete different of chicken taco. Hahahaha. However I luv getting chickens and and also the roostes r gorgeous.. and each is one a sort.. there different n many different ways.. much like roo. . Tysons is gentle wen mating and oscar is mean possessive and also the king of his domain hens have to obey him by his side whatsoever occasions. It’s interesting to determine how and wat they are doing wen n the way they do wat they are doing .. lol .. . I simply need to learn how to obtain the hens to hatch more hens . Cuz roosters take over . Lol. . I even kinda learned how you can tell rooster from hen wen babies .. lol yaaaaay


Beginning chicken keeping: mistakes to prevent, and just how we survived our newbie! (funny story with useful advice). killer dog roaming myResourse:

STORYTIME – My 4 embarrassing waitressing mistakes!


The incredible Knuffibär: Who else is pretty good at speaking English but wants to have a British accent? I love the way she pronounces words ��

Sonia González: I got second hand embarrassment from this ��

Meu Canal: You're the one who need to improve the listening skills hahahah… ur awesome!

Marco Llanes: I'm a native English speaker and I don't know why I watch your videos haha I just stumbled upon them and let them play in the background (funnily enough) when I'm studying either French or Dutch, and (please believe me I'm not a creep who just stares at you, I'm gay asf but you're beautiful nonetheless ye) and this video had me fucking dying! I cringed so much at the milk story but the image of two old women just looking at a specially prepared glass of milk that young overly charismatic Lucy made was just too absurd and hilarious, the last one sounded something that Leslie Knope would do I swear haha. Love your videos, I envy English learners that they have you! I wish French and Dutch had a you version!

Виктория: Last summer I worked at the local Art Museum. Most of my excursions were in English and rarely I had excursions in German. I was only a beginner in German and basically I only knew my text by heart and couldn't improvise. So one day I had a lovely German group, they followed me to the hall I knew perfectly. I started talking about a great Russian artist Aivazovsky, but when I raised my hand and turned to the wall where his canvas was supposed to be, there was a random picture. I turned to another wall to show the Germans another his work and there was an unfamiliar canvas again. So the group was waiting for Aivazovsky and I was just standing in front of them without any idea what to say. That was horrible! And Aivazovsky's works went to Moscow for his jubilee exactly that day!

Anastasia Semina: My most embarrassing story at work was when I fell asleep (for 3-4 seconds, though) DURING the lesson IN FRONT of my STUDENTS! It was so cold in the classroom, one of my students gave me his big coat, they started to write the dictation, they were writing quite slowly, and I, all warmed up finally under this coat, made such a huge noticeable nod, falling asleep, they all noticed it. Oh my God, how embarrassing!

Julie Lonogan: haha, same here, I'm working as a waitress. It was my very first day at work,when the guest asking for a bell. Then I took almost an hour searching for a bell. Fuck that word "bell"!! He was very mad! Then he was shouting," where is my bell!! I said, "I can't find your bell,sir! then he said, I need my bell bell bell! somebody is waiting for me! I want to pay! Then I was enlightened! ooh…. , your biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiL,sir. I will give you right away,sir. Then he looked at me like I was very stupid!gosh..wattan experienced

Canal Extraclasse: Embarassing but hilarious! \nIn my own experience, I think that be in a wrong class (as a teacher) and teach the wrong subject to a wrong group of studensts was one of the most funny events in my carrer, wich has a lot of funny and embarassing moments by the way! ��

Gonzalo García: Love your stories, they are so funny and makes me laugh. Here it goes my story:\n I'm a student of medicine and a month ago I was doing some practical class at the hospital in urologist. I was in the consultation with the doctor and after see the first patient I asked something to show him that I was paying attention and I have interest. So my question was: \n-why this patient came here instead of going to the nephrologist? I don't understand why is he here bc he has a stone in the kidney. \nHis reply was:\n-Really?? Are you joking? It would be better if you come back to the first year of medicine or even better to philosophy. After that he told my question to other doctors and all were surprised as well and laugh at me.\nI was so embarrassed and I don't understand what I had done wrong. He told me that the stones are never be treated by the nephrologist, and they have some rivalry between them. Since this day until I finished the practices I was known as "the crazy guy who wanted to treat stones in nephrology" ������������

Cintya Pratama: I'm soooo in love with British accent, it sounds so good and not quite hard to listen up the words in this accent. By the way, can you teach us pronunciation of\n- beach & bitch\n- sheet & shit\n- taught & thought\n- world & word\n- seen & sin\n- sleep & slip\n- heard & hurt\nthanks

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