How you can raise chickens – about raising organic, backyard chickens

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How you can raise chickens - about raising organic, backyard chickens Each bird

If you’re raising 12

chickens inside a covered coop by having an attached run your coop should

be 5 x 7 ft and a minimum of 1/5 of surfaces ought to be allotted to

home windows. If you’re not likely to provide any outside access, then you definitely

could only house 6 chickens within this space.

However, unless of course you retain

your chicken production to small figures, one coop should never be

enough. If you are planning to reproduce chickens, you’ll need extra room

for mother and her chicks. Sometimes too, you’ll have a sick chicken

that should be separated in the rest.

In moving your chickens around a great deal

you’ll minimize the risk of disease, they’ll also have access

to fresh grass, and involves hardly any house work when cleaning up,

instead of a permanently fixed chicken house.

However, they still need be cleaned

and disinfected, and do this every 6 days.

How you can Raise Chickens –

How you can raise chickens - about raising organic, backyard chickens the duration ofPerches

Perches should run the duration of your

chicken house and become a couple of inches thick. However, if you’re keeping

bantams, then they must be 1 " thick. If you work with

wood, all perches must have the very best edges rounded off, and also the wood

ought to be splinter-free. Each bird ought to be allotted 8 inches of

roosting space. Never put the perches greater than 2 ft off the floor

for anxiety about injuring the wild birds, unless of course you’re keeping a number of

bird which has lengthy plumage.

How To Raise Chickens – The Benefits of Free-Range Eggs!


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