Chicken coops – selecting the correct one

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Because the recognition of raising backyard chickens keeps rising there's been a ton of merchandise to the market.  Your chicken house is probably likely to be your greatest energy production when beginning out and you have to choose carefully which means you don’t finish track of an costly pile of fire wood along with a flock of destitute backyard chickens.  We have come up with a summary of the very best chicken coops you can buy online but listed here are the important thing concepts for whatever chicken house you select.

As a guide a good coop for 3 to 4 wild birds should set you back around $500 based on whether you've got a run attached or it's really a free-standing chicken house.  The important thing needs for any good chicken house come lower to 3 key things perches, nest boxes and ventilation.

Most chickens will perch once they roost during the night and can instinctively search for the greatest indicate perch.  The perch ought to be roughly 2-3 inches wide with smooth edges to permit your backyard chickens to sit down easily.  You need to make certain the perch is greater compared to nest box entry otherwise you'll have your backyard chickens roosting within the nest boxes where they'll poop overnight leading to soiled eggs each morning.

Your backyard chickens will require roughly 8 inches of perch each (less for smaller sized breeds) and perches ought to be spaced a minimum of one foot apart to own chickens room before them.


How to Choose a Chicken Coop


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