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So hopefully our publish on 5 Good reasons to Keep Chickens did it’s job and convinced you to definitely keep chickens. The next thing is picking the variety of chicken you would like.

Choosing the right variety of chicken when just beginning could possibly be the distinction between completely enjoying every moment together with your chickens or questioning the reason why you ever wanted chickens to begin with.

Many people once they begin searching at breeds have no idea exactly what they need or need, so that is why we’ve made the decision to create this short article today.

We’re likely to address exactly what you ought to consider prior to deciding in your breed, explain what characteristics beginners need to look for, then recommend our 5 best picks to find the best egg lounging chicken breeds.

Why Would You Like Chickens?

Before we go any more we’re likely to inquire some questions- make sure to either write your solutions lower or have them inside your mind.

To begin with, why would you like to keep chickens? Are you currently searching to help keep chickens for eggs, meat, pets or a mix of these reasons (even though the meat and pet options most likely don’t go too well together!)?

Certain chickens are extremely good egg layers (Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns) and lay great eggs whereas other breeds (Broilers) be more effective for meat but don’t lay many eggs.

The 2nd question you have to response is, the length of time are you currently looking to devote to, and taking care of, your chickens? Certain breeds require a lot more maintenance and time of your stuff. Whereas other breeds (for example Buff Orpingtons) are extremely self-reliant and won’t require enough time of your stuff whatsoever.

If you’re wondering the length of time you have to devote to your chickens, read my plan here.

Thirdly, you have to consider your climate/weather and make certain that it’s appropriate for that breed you are looking at.

More often than not its not necessary to fret an excessive amount of relating to this, since many breeds is going to be fine in most climates. Also, when the chicken has been offered for you in your area then unless of course the chicken has lately been imported it will likely be fine inside your climate. However if you are buying rare breeds (which we wouldn’t recommend for you when just beginning, but more about that later) and therefore are travelling a lengthy distance to obtain them, you have to make certain the climate you’re taking these to is appropriate. For instance Minorca chickens require very warm climates so that they wouldn’t be appropriate in a few regions of Russia.

Minorca ChickenBlack Minorca Chicken around the right © Resak

The 4th question you have to consider is when much room you will provide your chickens? Before you decide to answer this make certain you read just how much room do chicken need.

Are you currently thinking about keeping the chickens inside a coop reely range?

Certain breeds want more room than the others and when it normally won’t have this room they are able to get violent as well as start pecking and attacking one another. So make certain you match the breed to what you could offer when it comes to roaming space and coop sizes.

The ultimate question to consider is what’s your financial allowance?

Most breeds cost you a similar amount per chicken however some exotic and rare breeds can be quite costly – actually they are able to cost 1000s of dollars.

However once we mention afterwards within the article, we wouldn’t recommend beginners purchasing rare or exotic wild birds for their first chicken.

We’ve discovered that more often than not, when individuals send us an email asking what variety of chicken they ought to begin with, they all are searching for the similar factor.

Most beginners are searching for chickens which are simple to keep, lay plenty of eggs, are docile and aren’t very noisy.

For this reason we always recommend what’s referred to as combination wild birds to start with. Combination wild birds are usually great egg layers and incredibly calm- we’ll discuss specific breeds afterwards.

Some beginners send us an email and request rare breeds or breeds which produce lots of meat. We don’t recommend either of those for novices since they require longer, and therefore are harder to take care of. We always recommend staying away from meat and exotic wild birds before you gain in experience.

Best Egg Lounging Chicken Breeds

So if you’re like us and wish to start keeping chickens for eggs, which breed would we recommend?

Keep in mind the suggestions below are perfect for individuals with little experience who’re searching for backyard chickens, which are simple to manage, require small quantities of maintenance and many importantly… lay plenty of eggs!

1. Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Reds are symbolic of backyard chicken keeping and probably the most popular chicken breeds around (source).

They’re friendly, simple to keep and incredibly tough.

Eggs: Should produce up to 250, medium-sized, brown eggs each year.

Character: They’re super easy to help keep, don’t require an excessive amount of space and lay throughout the year.

Rhode Island Red Chicken Breeds© Sammy

2. Hybrid

Hybrid breeds for example Golden Comets happen to be bred to eat small quantities of food and also to lay as numerous eggs as you possibly can. Although this is ideal for you, this is often harmful towards the hens health his or her body never rests.

Eggs: Up to 280, medium-sized, brown eggs each year.

Character: Hybrids makes excellent layers, consumer less food, and aren’t certainly going to become broody. They create a fantastic choice, however make certain you source your hybrid from the sustainable breeder and be sure it hasn’t been overbred.

Hybrid Chicken Breeds© Kristine

3. Buff Orpington

Buff Orpington’s are among the easiest and many popular egg lounging chickens around. They result from Kent, England and therefore are famous for his or her visual appearance and sturdiness.

Eggs: Should produce a minimum of 180, medium-sized, light brown eggs each year.

Character: Orpington’s are actually excellent pets because they are very friendly and soft. Nonetheless they get broody throughout the summer time several weeks hence why their egg production is slightly less than a few of the other breeds pointed out here.

Buff Orpington Chicken Breeds© Elias

4. Plymouth Rock

The Plymouth Rock, also referred to as barred rocks, arises from the united states and is among the most widely used combination chickens.

Eggs: Should produce 200, medium-sized, brown eggs each year- additionally they lay throughout the winter.

Character: They’re a really active bird who performs best as free-range and will make an ideal backyard chicken. They’re also very friendly with humans so excellent if you wish to train these to eat out of your hands!

Plymouth Rock Chicken Breeds© David

5. Leghorn

The leghorn breed arises from Italia and it was first introduced in to the US throughout the 1800’s. It normally won’t get broody frequently and therefore are a perfect pick for all year round egg lounging.

Eggs: Should produce up to 250, medium-sized, white-colored eggs each year.

Character: Leghorns is going to be happy in gardens because they are a really active chicken nonetheless they aren’t very tame so aren’t ideal for those who have children wanting them like a pet.

Leghorn Chicken Breeds© Frankie

Using these suggestions made its remember this you usually get ‘bad-chickens’ as well as probably the most docile breed can establish from time to time problematic wild birds.

Many of these breeds above should be available from the local hatchery and we’d recommend in the beginning to not mix breeds in your flock.

Choose a breed and begin with them. This helps reduce unwanted pests and prevent them attacking one another.

Recall the breed you buy will need different levels of food within their diets, read what must i feed my chicken for more information.

Tell us which breed you’ve selected below, we’d like to see a number of your pictures…

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3 Beginner Chicken Breeds


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