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Thanks for visiting Mad City Chickens

Early in the year of 2004,Madison, WI passed legislation allowing single-homes the best

to boost chicken within the backyard. Before this law, chicken

was permitted within the home, although not outdoors. Coops weren’t allowed,

nor was raising chicken within the garage. Today it’s legal to

have 4 hens (no roosters) inside a coop, no closer than 25′ in the

nearest neighbors living quarters. Butchering inside the city limits

continues to be not permitted.

Mad City Chickens began out as several

like-minded, pro-chicken people (also referred to as the "chicken

subterranean"). Goal to teach the urban population on

the advantages of raising any food, and also to provide light the

misconceptions people may have concerning the raising of chicken in

a metropolitan setting. Mad City Chickens provides an Opening class

for individuals who are curious about raising wild birds in their own individual backyard.

Mad City Chickens has become on Facebook

See a few of the original people of

the Poulty Subterranean (as well as their feathered buddies) in Tarazod

Films’ feature-length documentary Mad

City Chickens."

Mad City Chickens is ready to answer questions

and concerns regarding every aspect of chicken rearing. We’ve the

wonderful support in our local UW Extension Chicken Specialist and

the employees of the UW Chicken Science Dept. They’re an abundance of information,

and prepared to share it.

Hopefully you like going through our website.

Don’t hesitate to call us with any

questions or comments you may have.

Here are a few different chicken breeds (click

on any image to enlarge):


Mad City Chickens (trailer #3)


rocky swanson: did you ever add him?\n

rocky swanson: I think It was funny that you asked krewcible scrippy to join you —when he was the first chicken vid on you tube. 

Tarazod Films: GO CHICKENS! :)

krewcible scrippy: add me- i was here first

momo hamd: Hey check out my vids plzzzzz btw I'm subscribing

MrBagginsEsq: @007wii Me to! Exactly 24! Had 31 bud not for long when you own a rat terrier!

007wii: go chickens! i have over 2 dozen of them

Hector villa: dude i havethe same rooster in 11 seconds of the video hes un kikiriki

Tarazod Films: The full length documentary + 60 minutes of extras is now on DVD at:\n\ntarazod[dot]com/shop

Sharon Green: I want to see it know!

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