My pet chicken handbook: practical advice for raising backyard chickens

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My pet chicken handbook: practical advice for raising backyard chickens older hens are the

How can you pick a number for the flock?

Lucas: It truly depends upon the breed. People could get six Polish chickens that just lay two eggs per week. … When you get a higher-production chicken, you might just have six hens. If you would like some interesting wild birds, you might finish up getting 15 chickens and a few beautiful wild birds to check out.

Torres: I suggest that individuals build larger than they believe they require because chickens are shockingly addictive. Everyone loves their chickens, and there are plenty of new breeds — some that lay eco-friendly eggs, chocolate brown eggs, olive eggs. However many [chickens] people think they need, they are likely to wish to add fresh wild birds for their flock.

What’s the most often requested question in your website?

Lucas: Regardless of whether you need roosters around to put eggs. This is a neophyte question. And the reply is no.

Torres: No. 1 real question is "How lengthy do hens lay eggs?" The 2nd most widely used real question is "How lengthy will they live?" [Backyard chickens generally live eight to ten years, though sometimes longer, and lay less eggs as they age. So people appear to need to know the number of years they will have this animal that does not lay eggs.

Referring to that, where do you turn with older wild birds after they have stopped lounging eggs?

Lucas: Should you ever hatch your personal chicks in your own home, the older hens are the type who’ve been around for a lot of seasons plus they know what to anticipate. They are fully aware in which the shade is. They are able to educate your more youthful hens and keep a far more stable flock structure. They are able to educate the youthful wild birds where for the greatest treats. Whenever a certain season arrives, they’ll line facing a wall of high grass just like a chorus type of chickens and begin eating the seeds.

Bonus question: What’s going on using the crazy chicken names?


Torres: I believe everybody includes a chicken named Rhianna.


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My Pet Chicken Handbook Sensible Advice and Savvy Answers for Raising Backyard Chickens

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