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Fundamental essentials “baby pictures” I required in our chickies at the time they showed up within the mail. They provided quick work of consuming their fill water after which hunkering lower underneath the hot bulb when I introduced these to their new house.

Not much later, they’re two times as big, ten occasions vigorous, but still just like cute. Additionally for their regular chick feed, they love a goody of cooked quinoa combined with some plain yogurt tasty and nutritious snack in my babies!

The meat wild birds are actually beginning to exceed others in dimensions. We might have to separate them soon, so that they don’t keep our layers from getting enough to consume.

Mike spent the weekend building the chickens and turkeys new, bigger, fancier homes. I can’t believe how quickly they outgrew their card board boxes! The brand new digs have nice chicken-wire tops that lift off in order to feed and water them easily.

The turkeys prefer to fly out when I open it up, simply because they get all excited once they see me. They might be teenagers now, however they still love their mama.

5 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid When Raising Chickens


Lu ODell: When I first set up my coop, I had a chicken die so I called my extension agent (I live in WV) and he sent the “Chicken Man” to me who took blood work from all my chickens (5 at the time). I had never heard of someone taking blood from a chicken! However the blood work showed them to be wormy, Chicken man advised me to give them pumpkin seeds once or twice a month. There is an enzyme in the seeds that worms the chickens. My chickens love them, they make their combs bright red and we don’t have wormy chickens.

Hakuin Z: Virginia Ham 8 weeks is commercial eating age. Anytime after is ok. =) what breed?

ThirstyPoultry: I’ve raised chickens for about 16yrs now so I had to comment:\n1. I have everything from day old chicks to full grown chickens (hens & roosters) living together and I have never had the older hens kill any of the younger ones. They will peck them to establish the “pecking order” yes, but I have never had older hens kill younger chicks. Chickens don’t have to be the same size to live together…i.e. Bantams and Standard chickens will live together just fine.\n2. I don’t disagree with worming chickens, I think preventative maintenance is great, but I have never wormed mine and they have never had worms either. I go with the belief that if things are kept clean and tidy the birds will stay healthy.

Diego Sebastiàn Pérez: ThirstyPoultry my RIRs killed one of my 4 month Orpington pullets.

Brooke.h: anyone see the mule pooing in the background lol

Domi B.: how did you even see that also it could have been a leaf

Aliana Welth: my chickens are chill af when it comes to laying.\nmy old lady, Omlet is six now but when she was younger she once layed an egg outside on the ground in front of my mother whilst still eating her breakfast.

Moore Kaubell: Omlet!! LOL

Hakuin Z: Aliana Welth hahaha nice. =) feel free to subscribe to my channel =) got some cute sheep and chickens! =)l!! Subscribe if i get to 100 subs ill make another episode of p.o.c. show. 11 episodes on my channel!

MsLaura G: I use DE myself and for my dogs, chickens and garden, but be careful of the dust – which billowed out when dumped. Not good for eyes or lungs for any critter. Also, the size issue is not accurate. Yes, very little chicks should not be put in with the adults-they should be in a brooder of some sort if not with a mother hen because their environment needs to be controlled. However, 2-3 months old is a good time to introduce. My 8 week old Welsummers live/sleep in their “teen house” and yard now, BUT are also free ranging the yard with the adults. Adults and young ones check out the others’ habitats and food dishes during the day. They’ve been in visual contact for a month now, so are used to seeing each other. There are many good ways to introduce young birds to old. I think giving rolled oats is better than corn and my girls go crazy for it. The added protein helps through molting and winter. They get a few handfuls every night in their yard to call them in,, and regular oats as “scratch” while they’re out and about. What doesn’t get eaten of the whole oats, sprouts and then is a snack for another time or two.

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