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Getting began with chicken webquest the internet sites you

An Online WebQuest on Getting Began with Chickens

  • Introduction
  • The Job
  • The Procedure
  • Conclusion


Your family are thinking about keeping chickens to be able to possess a way to obtain fresh meat and eggs.

Each member of the family have a role to experience in deciding if chickens is worth considering. The data you gather can help keep the flock healthy and productive. Individuals or teams will be designated to every role. You will find steps to become taken and decisions to make before you launch your brand-new venture.

You’ll explore precisely what it takes to boost chickens for healthy and efficient manufacture of eggs and meat.

Once all the questions happen to be clarified the data is going to be put together to find out an agenda for that new chicken adventure.

The Job:

Learn to increase your own chickens for meat and egg production. Stick to the links that will help you decide what kinds of chickens to possess, in addition to how to maintain your wild birds healthy and happy.

Each team / individual continues to be assigned a subject. You’ll use the hyperlinks provided along with other sources (library, etc) to get experts in your subject. Both you and your team works together to produce a Group Are convinced that presents your team’s response to the issue associated with your subject. By finishing this WebQuest, you need to attain the following goals:

  1. develop a desire for study regarding Raising Chickens
  2. use the strength of the web for advanced exploration
  3. learn details about key facets of Getting Began with Chickens
  4. realize that even ‘simple’ topics could be complicated.
  5. formulate and support a viewpoint according to your roles and
  6. determine an plan of action that may help you start your chicken project.

The Procedure:

You’ll be going through the internet sites which have been assigned. You can start using the pages which are labeled ‘Background Information’ before ongoing to the other topics. Each subject area features its own list of questions to reply to along with a separate set of sites to make use of.

Phase 1 – History
These websites are essential simply because they will give you fundamental details about the subject in general. You need to explore these websites before beginning your pursuit.

These websites can help you comprehend the fundamental terminology and good reputation for chickens.

Before beginning your chicken operation seek advice from the local Community Hall to find out if you will find zoning laws and regulations or ordinances that stop or limit what you can do to help keep chicken.

  • Chickens- History for children
  • Chicken Anatomy
  • Reference of Chicken Terminology

Phase 2 – Roles
These subject areas were selected simply because they each represent a few of the important components of having Began with Chickens. Each subject area has some questions and links to follow along with to reply to the questions.

Getting began with chicken webquest You need to explore these

Here are a few general instructions for all those topics. Please visit specific instructions and questions for every subject below.


1. Explore the themes below.

2. Go through the files designated for the subject. You are able to print pages and underline the various components that you simply feel are essential or copy in the website right into a word processor.

3. Make sure to range from the Link to the page you are taking information from so that you can go back to it and employ it like a citation.

4. Focus what you’ve learned to reply to the questions in every subject place to assist with the ultimate plan.

Breed Selection:

  • Match You want to the best Breed
  • The House Broiler Chicken Flock
  • Kinds of Chicken
  • Chicken Hatcheries

1. What kinds of chickens would be best suitable for egg production?
2. The number of hens must you supply your family’s needs?
3. What kinds of chickens would be best suitable for meat production?
4. The number of meat wild birds will you have to supply your family’s needs?
5. Exist breeds which are suited to both eggs and meat production?
6. What breed/s would you recommend?
7. Which side you buy your wild birds?

Housing and Equipment:

  • Small-scale Chicken Housing
  • Fixed Housing
  • Alternative Chicken Production
  • Equipment and offer Companies

1. Just how much space is needed per bird?
2. Exactly what do your chickens need, besides space using their home?
3. Exist alternative housing options? Do you know the benefits and drawbacks of those alternatives?
4. What equipment will you have to feed and water your chickens?
5. Which side you receive the gear?

Health insurance and Diet:

  • Feed Chickens Correctly
  • Brooding Chicks and Rearing Chicks
  • Biosecurity for that Wild birds
  • Illnesses of Chicken

1. Exactly what do lounging hens eat?
2. Exactly what do meat wild birds eat?
3. How can you tell that the wild birds are healthy?
4. What are the most typical illnesses and disorders of chickens?
5. How would you keep the chickens healthy?
6. What additional care is required for chicks?


  • Home Processing of Chicken
  • Legalities for Small-scale Chicken Processors
  • Proper Handling of Eggs
  • Nh RSAs Chicken Products
  • Covering Eggs from Farm to Table

1. When in the event you be prepared to collect the first eggs?
2. How frequently in the event you collect the eggs?
3. How can you prepare the eggs for storage?
4. How lengthy can eggs be stored?
5. What’s the web site broiler, a fryer along with a roaster?
6. How can you process a chicken for meat?
7. How can you keep meat?
8. Are you able to sell you eggs and meat for your neighbors?

Phase 3 – Reaching Consensus
You’ve discovered different topics associated with Getting Began with Chickens. Now gather all your information and solutions to all the questions on the internet sites you explored to determine if, where and how you’re going to get Began with Chickens. Getting an entire, well researched plan will help your house be chicken project effective.

Answer the next inquiries to produce the plan you’ll follow:

  1. Are chickens advisable for your family?
  2. If so, which kind of chickens are you going to have? (Egg layers?, Meat Wild birds?, Both?)
  3. What breed or breeds are you going to raise?
  4. Which side you buy your chickens?
  5. The number of chickens do you want?
  6. Which kind of Housing is most effective to the kind of Chickens you intend to possess?
  7. How large will the coop/ shelter have to be?
  8. What equipment do you want for the wild birds?
  9. Which side you discover the gear?
  10. What you will really feed the wild birds?
  11. How would you keep the wild birds healthy?
  12. Are you going to sell your eggs /meat for your neighbors?


Raising chickens for use at home could be fun and rewarding, now you be aware of basics of raising chickens, exist other facets of chicken production you want to explore? Consider: Conserving Rare Breeds, Breeding for Show, and Chicken Showmanship as some methods to grow your chicken understanding.

By Tina Savage, UNHCE Farming Educator, Carroll County

Getting began with chicken webquest You are able to

Buying Chickens at Tractor Supply


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