Simple chicken house plans

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Raising backyard chickens is accepted ever. This is an enjoyable hobby that takes care of in fertilizer, pest management, companionship and, obviously, fresh eggs. Raising chickens starts with the proper housing, but locating a coop that’s suitable for the flock, low maintenance but still looks good within the yard could be a challenge.

This elevated-coop enclosure offers room for six chickens, a stroll-in run, built-kept in storage, an observation window, exterior egg collection and also the simple design takes only up a 6-feet by 10-feet area.

Simple chicken house plans Weekend     




    • A – 3 pieces of 2×2 lumber – 45″ lengthy, 2 pieces – 72″ lengthy, 9 pieces – 6″ lengthy, 3 pieces – 48″ long SUPPORTS
    • B – 1 bit of 3/4″ plywood – 48″x72″ long FLOOR
    • C – 4 piece of 2×2 lumber – 72″ lengthy, 6 pieces – 21″ lengthy, 2 pieces – 45″ long WALL FRAMING
    • D – 8 pieces of 2×2 lumber – 32 1/2″ lengthy, 1 piece – 72″ long RAFTERS
    • E – 2 pieces of threeOr4″ plywood – 24″x73 1/2″ lengthy, 2 pieces – 48″x48″ long WALLS
    • F – 1 piece of threeOr4″ plywood – 38″x81″ lengthy, 1 piece – 38″x81 3/4″ long ROOFING

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    One Weekend     


  • G – 2 pieces of threeOr4″plywood – 16″x12″ lengthy, 1 piece – 16″x16 long Doorways


  • Safety mitts, glasses
  • Miter saw, jigsaw
  • Chalk line, tape-measure, spirit level, woodworking pencil
  • Drill machinery and drill bits


  • Make use of a good miter saw to help make the position cuts
  • Drill pilot holes before inserting the screws


  • One Weekend
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  • Part 2: Nesting boxes plans

Building an easy chicken house

Simple chicken house plans Nesting boxes plans              

    Building an

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Mary Clendenin: It’s been so long since one of your TOO funny videos on chickens….THANKS!! I laughed so hard!!

Hilario N. Stanley: Chicken Coop Building is a great plan for beginners looking for a weekend DIY project [Check Details Here⇒⇒⇒ ]. It offers great advice for what features to look for when building your coop as well as plans and step-by-step instructions on how to build a chicken coop.

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rolando armano: If You Can Drive a Nail, Then You Too Can Quickly and Easily Build Your Own Low-Cost Backyard Chicken Coop!

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