Heather’s chicken house produced from recycled wood pallets – $ 100 per month

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DIY Chicken coop designs recycled wood pallets

Thank you very much to everybody who has submitted their photographs and tales. I really hope by discussing other bands pictures and tales here on $ 100 per month we all can possess a superstar garden this summer time. Keep them coming!

recycled wood pallet chicken coop

Read this DIY chicken house my friend Louise from Massachusetts built Simply By HERSELF! You decide to go girl!

Here’s what Louise needed to say: 

The web states creating a chicken house is really a “weekend project”. And, well, everyone knows everything on the web is true. Unless of course, obviously you’ve never built anything by yourself – ever. And it’s not necessary an agenda – except using free pallets. (side note: are you aware that pallets are neither exactly the same size or level, in almost any stretch from the imagination?) This “weekend-chicken-coop-project” required me the greater a part of 8 days.

build a chicken coop from old wood pallets

PS: A number of you might be wondering why I haven’t incorporated my hubby within this little story. Well, when type-A husband begins every sentence with “ya know you’re suppose to…” well, type-A wife (me) fires type-A husband in the project in order to preserve marriage. 😉

children with chickens

We’ve four 10 week old chickens: two Rhode Island Reds and 2 Black Sexlinks. Both breeds are cold temperature sturdy. My children named them Agnes, Roadrunner, Gold-finger (among the Black Sexlink has one gold finger/foot) and Runt.

wood pallet chicken coop

I started using the used home windows I acquired from the friend and also the pallets, then labored after that. I attempted to make use of or re-use a few things i had round the yard or recycle around I possibly could. The nesting boxes are milk crates that I’ve cut the edges from. The roosting rods are eco-friendly saplings.

Chicken coop built out of recycled wood pallets

Far more than I was expecting though, needed to be bought. Hardware really adds nice finishing touches but is costly. I selected metal posts for that chicken run since i didn’t wish to have to re-do them once they rotted. And also the wire is eco-friendly 1×3″ fencing however with metal hardware wire at the base 12″ in the fence and 12″ flat on the floor to avoid predators from digging underneath the fence.

chicken coop door

Finishing touches: The cinder blocks I spray-colored a “camouflage” color which makes them less vibrant, draping plants lower along side it occupies the empty space near the door along with a perennial hosta plant (the chickens think is scrumptious!)

As working round the yard we allow them to the opportunity, as lengthy as possible watch them – it is called “chick sitting”. They love sinking when because there are spiders and a lot of bugs.


After visiting three supermarkets I discovered one which will allow me to have a box of food for that chickens! He stated he gives 7 boxes per week to some local player but didn’t think the player would mind if he provided one – yeah!

~Louise from Massachusetts


If you’d like to possess a garden, chicken house or something like that you’ve made featured on $ 100 per month, here’s what I’m searching for:

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Resourse: http://onehundreddollarsamonth.com/heathers-chicken-coop-made-from-recycled-wood-pallets/

Pallet to Chicken Coop

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