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outbuildings and small barns

Free Green house, Hoop House and Cold Frame Plans

Barn-Style Green house Plans from Use

this practical 10′-6"x12′ building as the green house in

the Spring and also to store your outside furniture securely from the

weather in the winter months. Ana White’s online plans include step-by-step

building instructions.

Green house Plans and Growing Guides

Take a look at a large number of free plans for affordable hoop houses,

hobby and homestead greenhouses, geodesic domes, coldframes and

more at Living Eco-friendly & Frugally.

The Astonishing, Inexpensive, Solar Heated

Green house or Guesthouse

Construct your own with the aid of this task-by-step guide by

Kenton Knowles at Mother Nature News Magazine


Green house Building Plans from Develop a sturdy,

8’x10′ hobby green house with corrugated polycarbonate

panels. These free plans from include building

instructions along with a material list.

A Handy, Small,

Knock-Lower and Store-Away Green house

Build yours with free plans, step-by-step

instructions and finish material lists

in the experts at Canadian Home Workshop.


Dozen Free Small Green house Plans and Green house Growers’ Guides Construct your

own backyard green house. Get the seeds began early after which enjoy

your harvest all year round. Listed here are a large number of building plans

and green house growing hints that ought to help.

Free PVC Arched Green house Plans

Get free instant download plans from,, to have an affordable hoop

green house along with a light-weight, portable cold

frame using PVC pipe. Then,

click on the web site section known as

"Posted Pictures" for a large number of practical

and fun projects and much more plans produced by

do-it-yourself builders.


Free Hoop House Style Green house Plans and Green house Users’ Guides

Build an affordable hoop-style green house with PVC pipes for that

structure and plastic sheets for that glazing. These free plans and

building guides can have how.

Build an Alaska-Style Cold

Frame Read an easy builders’

and growers’ guide at Sunset Magazine after which

design and make your personal for any lengthy season of fresh

flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Free PVC Cold Frame Plans

Get free

instant download plans from,, to have an

affordable coldframe project using PVC pipe. Then,

click on the web site section known as "Posted

Pictures" for a large number of practical and fun projects

and much more plans produced by do-it-yourself builders.

Twenty Free, Do-it-yourself Coldframe Building Plans

Extend your growing season having a cold frame, garden row covers

or cloches. Here’s building your personal with free plans and


Free Hobby Green house Building Guide

Construct it yourself on your own, or but and assemble a green house

package? Learn all your options within the green house builders guide

at Extreme How-To Magazine.


Chicken Coop Ideas. A tour of Becky's chicken coop designs.


emmaliveslife: All I needed was the twenty-five seconds or so of your intro, and I'm subscribing. Now to actually watch the video. :-D

Robert Hill: If you are looking for a plan on about chicken coops, then you're looking at the right one! I have never been successful in building a chicken coop [Check Details Here⇒⇒⇒ ]and have tried bought a lot of plans online but this is the only that worked so far.

MadMetalManiac74: fully enclosed runs are A MUST! never build a run with an open top. you'll learn the hard way when you wake up one morning to see your entire flock taken by predators. ask me how I know ��. also burry the wire about a foot under the surface of the ground to keep them from digging under it.

Ken Dire: Becky I watch a lot of your blogs but I just have to add some things to this one.\n\n1. You must not have any predators or a guard dog.  In most place the types of coops you have the raccoons, possum, coyotes, fox etc. would make quick dinners of your chickens.\nWe have a saying in my neck of the woods.  Chicken wire keeps chickens in and nothing out.  Raccoons WILL chew through chicken wire and I've seen coyotes and dogs do so as well.  I've seen it done numerous times and have had it happen to me. The night time shelter needs a much heavier gauge wire.\n2. Your coop for your adult hens.  Again in this area and I suspect most areas of the country the predators have multiple ways in. Over the fence, under the fence through the gap above the door.

The Jack Belgarde Show: Becky I must say, you are very inspiring person you have inspired me to have a chicken coop in my back yard and, well call me crazy but when I am much older I want to live on a farm like you I am 13 years old and will always keep that as one of my passions.Keep making videos from jack

AdjaninClara: these coops, although light and easy to build, are not predator proof–everything wants to kill chickens or eat their eggs…

moviemakerwannabe: But the coop is more to keep predators away from the chickens than to restrain the chickens from straying. How do those coops protect them? We've had raccoon's and other predators tear those kinds of coops apart.

Happy Cluck: I love your videos and homestead! I do have one question – although the coops are great and I plan on using your plans to build a run for my fenced in raised garden beds, none of the coops in your video looks very predator proof. A raccoon or possum could easily climb up and over the fixed fence and the walk-in coop/hen house (which I like a lot!) seems like anything could walk up in there and feast on your chickens at night. I didn't see any real door at all. I have a simple, nothing fancy walk-in house and coop, but we have had to do so much to it to keep predators out, including snakes. We had to cover the run area to keep out hawks, raccoons and possums, reinforce the door because raccoon are very strong and crafty and finally my husband dug a 12" trench all around the bottom of the fenced and covered run and laid hardware cloth/wire because critters were digging their way in – including a skunk! What are your thoughts?

Denise Bunting: great idea for nesting boxes…thanks

Julia Bentley: Almost everyone of my chickens can and do fly over the fence….they even roost high in the trees.

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