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Plus hardware kits, waterers, veggie feeders, and much more. . .

Hardware Quick Kits

Nipple Waterers & Chicken Nipples

Chicken drinking from a bucket nipple waterer.

Peck-It-Clean™ Veggie Feeder

Chicken eating from Veggie Feeder

Buyer’s Guide

A useful catalog of merchandise we advise for building your

chicken house and taking care of

backyard chickens.

Free Exterior Nest Box Plans

Non-Toxic Wood Treatment Discount


Satisfaction guaranteed.

Everything your chickens need, on this page.

Our coop designs incorporate the characteristics your chickens have to be happy and healthy.

  • » Ample ventilation and lightweight
  • » Security from predators
  • » Defense against the weather
  • » Nesting box(es) and roosts

And our modular enclosed runs allow you to add much more secure outside space for their habitat.

But that is just some of it. We designed these chicken coops and runs along with you in your mind. They are attractive, functional, and simple to keep clean and maintain — all while making efficient utilization of materials and space.

Observe how other medication is building and customizing our urban chicken house designs to satisfy their demands:

Modern, mobile chicken coop built using The Garden Ark plans
Chicken coop design The Garden Coop plans - Boise, Idaho
Innovative chicken coop you can move around your garden
Indiana chicken coop - plans from

and much more. . .

Written for novices, so that you can build just like a pro.

Our detailed e-books include complete tools and materials lists, measurements, photos, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions to inform you building a chicken house or run you’ll love.

They might require only beginner skills, simple cuts, and simple-to-find materials for quick set up. Obviously, for those who have some DIY experience, building is going to be much simpler.

Each plan includes details, photos, and construction tips according to many years of customer comments. And for those who have any queries along the way, every plan purchase includes free email support from the designer.

Buy and download your chicken house and run plans today!

Coop plans start at just $19.95 (USD) and run plans at $12.95, payable with charge card or PayPal. Combo discounts can be found.

Download your plans instantly like a full-color, printable e-book (PDF) — and begin building your chicken house, mobile chicken tractor, or enclosures immediately. Worldwide orders are recognized.

  • » Look within our free coop plan previews
  • » Satisfaction guaranteed
  • » Measurements in imperial (ft/inches) and metric (mm). Construct your favorite coop design anywhere!
  • » Suitable for iPad along with other PDF-friendly devices
  • » Add exterior nest boxes with this Online for free tutorial


Satisfaction guaranteed.

What They are Saying About Our Coop and Run Plans

"Just very well-written/highlighted plans." —Allan

"I majored in Industrial Design, so I understand how to construct, use materials, as well as construct manufacturing techniques. Interesting great plans. I am impressed with the caliber of your design as well as your thoroughness." —Noelle

"The most wonderful area of the experience was the customer support. Before, during, after construction our questions were clarified quickly and completely in an exceedingly supportive and useful way. I truly appreciate that." —Dondi

"Many, many thanks out of this mod ranch home owner! Your assistance is really likely to impact my family’s existence greatly.Inch —Elizabeth

"I built Your Garden Coop with minimal assistance over Thanksgiving weekend, 72 hours to become exact. I had been surprised about the truth from the plans — there is hardly any waste. . . I had been debating on purchasing a built coop and building my very own. I’m so glad I made the decision to construct my coop together with your plans. I could finish track of an excellent coop constructed from cedar plank at a lower price than I’d have allocated to a smaller quality, same-size coop." —Tommy, Buda, Texas

"I simply required your comprehensive materials list by Depot and purchased everything I have to construct the coop. Hafta say, your plans are clearly written, and I am confident they leave little to argue about — that is ideal when dealing with some pot project with two greenhorns!" —Mimi, Nashville, TN

Find out more testimonials in our design plans.

Why construct your own backyard chicken house?

Keeping chickens is really a lifestyle choice that takes care of in lots of ways. But you will find start-up costs. Building your personal chicken house enables you to keep costs lower, whilst getting exactly what you would like inside a coop. Plus it’s fun!

Why would you use plans?

Whenever we desired to know building a chicken house for the small city lot, we did what you are doing — we looked online, read chicken house books, continued coop tours. There have been some nice options available, but nothing using the style, function, and ease we would have liked. Therefore we designed our very own.

The study, design, and testing that entered diets allow you to develop a chicken house you are able to rely on without getting to begin on your own. By knowing just what you ought to buy, you will get the most from neglect the.

We are happy with the caliber of what we should offer. Have a look within our chicken house and run building plans free of charge. Using these plans, make your first cuts a few days ago and also have additional time to savor your backyard chickens and individuals garden-fresh eggs. And for those who have questions, we are just an e-mail away.

Risk-free chicken house plans. Satisfaction guaranteed. Try Them out!

Free chicken coop design plan previews from TheGardenCoop.comWhether you are attempting to learn to develop a large or medium-sized walk-in chicken house, a mobile chicken ark/tractor, a stand-alone plywood chicken house, or perhaps an enclosed chicken run, our design plans might be precisely what you have been trying to find.

Try them! Whether it does not exercise, tell us within thirty days, and we’ll give back a 100 % refund. No hassle. No questions requested. Satisfaction guaranteed.

BUY & DOWNLOAD PLANS For The Chicken House NOW

Beginning at $19.95. Or get two and save.

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Build it with Bosch Chicken coop


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R Welch: Great video. Thank you.I am trying to find the material list and plans but I am unable to locate. Can you please direct me to where they can be found?ThanksRandy

R Welch: No. I went ahead and used an old metal shed and converted it.

R Welch: Check out my video on my conversion of old metal shed. You could most likely pick up an old shed for nothing.

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