187 free chicken house plans

April 7, 2017 | By alex | Filed in: Free DIY Chicken Coop Designs.

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Every Home Should Have Chickens (Free Chicken Tractor Plans)


solarcabin: You can get the free chicken tractor plans on my website: http://www.simplesolarhomesteading.com/\n\nPlease remember to LIKE my videos and SUBSCRIBE and share the videos to your social networks.

Peter Cohen: I love how down to earth and practical you are. What you present is so simple, it's a wonder we aren't all doing it.

Maxid1: Flavor of fresh Eggs? If all you've ever had is store bought CHICKEN you're in for a treat! I've never tasted better food period than a fresh butchered chicken. That was over 40 years ago and I can still remember the flavor of fresh bird. Nothing better.

Donna Reeves: Great Video…I think I will try to do chickens again. About 10 years ago, we got a few hens and someone gave us a rooster and couple other hens. We weren't prepared for all of them. We let them roam around the property freely but had a coop for them at night. They tore up all flower beds and babies came out of the woods from everywhere. The roosters started fighting and black snakes were a problem. Needless to say…we were Green and I'll prepared. \nWe end up giving all of them away. 3 months later, a rooster came out of the woods. A rooster that the other roosters beat up on…he had one eye. We kept him as a pet…he lived a very long time.\n\nI am ready to try again…and your cage is perfect to do so. I will wait till spring 2017 to get the hens so I will definitely be prepared this time. No roosters and only 2 hens. We had mostly feather-leg hens that year, they lay pretty eggs.\n\nThanks So Much…��

cr500mike: Good stuff Lamar !\n\n I'm looking for some land right now and there will be chickens strutten their stuff shortly after I find my spot. You're right about the great taste of REAL EGGS !!

Kent Akalel: I love your videos and have seen quite a few of them…Ill subscribe as soon as Im done writing this. Your solar videos are excellent but the one area of solar that very few talk about is exactly how to hook it into the breaker box so that the power is distributed throughout the house. I understand the solar setup but some detail on how to connect it to the home would be helpful…Thanks for videos…very inspiring!

linda silver: Love the videos. you should do Off the Grid retreats for people who want to learn more!!

Alexis Wilson: I have 7

Johnny Rogers: I look at hundreds and hundreds of chicken coops and I got to say this, yours is the only one that makes sense to me(some of them are ridiculous spensive other are small you can't get in and do nothing) I like the way you splaining and say things , simple, fast and real, thank you

Creations, Health & Faith in the country/Joyce B.: nice chicken coop

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