For any healthier, tastier hamburger, skip supermarket patties and grind your personal meat

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For any healthier, tastier hamburger, skip supermarket patties and grind your personal meat Your Personal Meat    The

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How you can Grind Your Personal Meat
The BA Test Kitchen crew swears by D.I.Y. grinding. Here’s our help guide to doing the work right.

1. Pick Your Protein
Grinding in your own home means that you can personalize your personal blends.

Within the test kitchen, we grind chicken with garlic clove and chives for flavorful meatballs super-fresh salmon, capers, and parsley for burgers and pork and apple for unbeatable breakfast sausage. Have some fun experimenting choose cuts with a few fat to make sure a moist, flavorful result, like dark-meat chicken, beef chuck, short ribs, or pork butt. Or try firm, meatier fish like salmon, tuna, and swordfish, which endure much better than delicate and flaky white-colored fish.

2. Chill the Meat
Do not ever grind without having to put the protein and equipment within the freezer first. It’s important to creating a clean cut.

Cut meat or fish into 1-inch cubes. Place in one layer on the rimmed baking sheet, cover with plastic wrap, and transfer to freezer. Chill protein until cold (it ought to feel firm but nonetheless give when pressed together with your finger), about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, place all grinding parts (the stand mixer’s grinding attachment–such as the dies, individuals holey pieces that you will push the meat through–or even the bowl and blade from the mixer) within the freezer until cold, a minimum of fifteen minutes.

3. Choose Your Weapon

Stand Mixer
The most popular method. The grinder attachment of the stand mixer (KitchenAid makes the most popular) yields a regular grind and also the texture we like, and delay pills work on almost any protein. It is a useful addition.

Assemble grinder attachment with chilled coarse die. Set a bowl inside a large bowl of ice arrange underneath the attachment to trap ground protein and it cold. Toss chilled protein with seasonings, if using. Increase tray in batches, with mixer on medium speed, and plunge lightly to press through grinder.

A quick, easy finish to mystery meat. This process will not yield the great texture a grinder provides, but because lengthy while you process just until minced, you will get patties with character, not meat paste. Pulse carefully!

Assemble processor with chilled chopping blade. Toss chilled meat or fish with seasonings, if using. Employed in batches, add protein to mixer. Pulse, scraping lower sides when needed, until meat is finely minced although not pureed, about 20 pulses, tops. –Alexandra Zissu

Prepared to start grindin’? Here are a few recipes to begin you off:

Spicy Poultry Burgers

Tuna Burgers

Alexandra Zissu may be the co-author from the Butcher’s Help guide to Well-Elevated Meat.


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seattwa: I gave this video a "Like", but frankly I'm a little disappointed that they didn't go more in depth. When I grind my own hamburger at home the texture is crumbly, but so much so that when I form a patty it just falls apart! I was hoping they would address this and show how to make the meat stay together!

Juan Lopes: Ribeye is one of the best cuts for making burgers… you must try it out.

mark hensley: if its to crumbly your grind is to lean on the fat side

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seattwa: Joshua of Grand Rapids The meat is partially frozen before grinding so it will grind properly and not turn to moosh.

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