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After calculating all the material, I  sat lower inside my desk and began drawing up some chicken house ideas based on the available material. Things I came up with was a specific chicken house. The coop measures 6′ wide, 12′ long and 9’ high. The home area measures 6′ x 6′ x 6′. I elevated this house two feet from the run. This releases an enclosed run of 6′ x 12′.

I could salvage some tin sheeting from that which was left of the destroyed single-wide mobile home on the home and attached it to the bottom from the frame from the chicken run. By doing this it prevents chicken predators from digging underneath the chicken yard and getting to my hens. This causes it to be easy to cleanse once each year within the fall when I’m preparing the chicken house for winter. I simply spread pine shavings on the floor and supply a recycled wooden box for any dust bath for chickens.


My chicken house idea is coming to existence!


Water container perches atop a cement block by which I convey a 50 watt bulb connected to a “farmers outlet.” This outlet includes a built-in thermostat, which activates at 35°F and off at 45°F. This heated chicken waterer keeps their water from freezing during the cold months several weeks.

Within the coop I placed a removable roost produced from a 2″ x 4″ with routed edges for that chickens to roost on. This roost perches atop a tray that is 16″ wide and lengthy enough to reach from permanent from the coop with an inch to spare. This tray includes a 2″ lip around it and in this particular I place pine shavings. The ground from the coop is covered with pine shavings too.


Clean-up requires simply removing the roost and setting it aside, then taking out the tray and carrying it towards the garden or compost bin. I additionally make use of this inside a five-gallon bucket full water by having an aquarium air pump and air stone towards the bottom of the bucket. Allowing the environment to bubble for 72 hours enables the proliferation of aerobic microbes to digest the goodies and make an excellent tea for that garden plants in approximately three days. This tray may be the only factor you clean four occasions a year. I schedule my clean-out on the Summer time Solstice, Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice, and Spring Equinox. (Erectile dysfunction. note: That might be roughly the 21st of June, September, December, and March.)


Easy Clean Chicken Coop DIY


charmnGUY: couple of things and this may sound picky…metal floor is cold and will rust, right under the roof there's a gap, locks for doors up/open. ..what about when closed, lastly the food tube…the ladies will perch on there and poop in it…plus cleaning under it? :-)

Chris Miller: Floor has not rusted to this point. Food tube was a bust; we no longer use it. Chickens are laying well.

JustAnne4: So it has been over a year since you posted this.  Would you do anything differently?  Anything you forgot to take into account?

Chris Miller: Floor is still good !! Only thing I would change is the feeding tube plugs up. Added an nesting box on the end also since the video. Also added a automatic door with limited success.

George Vasquez: Chris Miller thanx for the update. wow the metal floor is still good? That's great. Those type shelving panels tend to rot/rust away very easy. I'm glad yours are not. Any secrets? or just thick bedding or bedding changed often?

LBK 1: nesting boxes?

Chris Miller: I added them on the end and the roof hinges up to get to the eggs.

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