Chicken coops and runs: a beginners diy guide

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coops and runs

Today we will check out chicken coops and runs for that beginner. Whether or not they are known as coops, chicken hutches, or arks, they are little homes for the fine feathered buddies. It’s, however, smart to really consider your reason for raising them and just what you’re going related to them.

Let’s begin with the basics. The actual first real question is why you need to raise chickens. There’s a good amount of reasons people raise chickens. Among the primary reasons is perfect for their eggs and meat. Yes, while eating your personal, as they say, can be a little gross with a people, you probably know this, using the costs of eggs and chicken within the grocery today, raising your personal means more income over time in your wallet.

And, you will be aware they’re organically elevated (if you are using organic feed) and healthy.One more reason why people raise chickens is the fact that because of so many different varieties available, chickens can really be pretty to check out.

You will find ones which have incredibly beautiful designs and colors, some which are mostly ornamental, some lay white-colored eggs, some colored, while some are nice to get fat and prepared for that fryer, yumm.

Some require more space than the others, only one factor is without a doubt, all of them need shelter, warmth, along with a place where they are able to peck and scratch around.This is actually where chicken coops and runs are available in.

The chicken hutches are a small area of the whole. A chicken-raiser needs to make certain their flock is happy and healthy. Overall, chickens do not need a great deal to ensure they are happy lots of food, water, along with a place where they think safe and sound enough to put their eggs. Chicken House! Need to know building one?

There are many different types of chicken feed, and a few people make use of their kitchen scraps to give them, which typically is protected for that chickens.

For individuals individuals just beginning out, maybe smaller sized sized chicken coops and runs are the most useful idea, a great dimensions are sufficient for several – 4 chickens, approximately. Now, you should remember than its not necessary a rooster.

Raising Chicken

Some newbies who might be raising chickens, think they’ll require a rooster to stimulate egg-lounging. Well, with no male within the bunch, you’re not getting any eggs that hatch, but you’ll get plenty eggs, donrrrt worry. If you prefer a rooster, it’s best that just one rooster is brought to the flock, more and you’re going to possess fights.

There might be laws and regulations in your town upon your getting roosters, but that allow hens, check that out, too. Remember, roosters are noisy, may cause stress inside your hens, and tend to be not recommended unless of course you’ve got a large property and may tolerate the noise.

You should also possess some room to boost your chickens. Additionally to requiring a pleasant home, additionally they need space to peck the floor and forage for food, even though you feed them. Case something chickens do, and when it can make them happy, you will be at liberty.

Fundamental chicken coops and runs don’t need to be too large. Most small chicken hutches are just about 4 or 5 ft lengthy, 3 or 4 ft wide, and 2 to 3 ft high. A number of these are fully self-contained, and therefore their house and run is a unit, using the hutch itself elevated, so there’s room under to get down.

A few of these can also be moved in one place to another. Now having the ability to move your chicken house around is actually convenient for any couple of different reasons. The first is that chickens, around you might love them, could be destructive little critters.

They are able to screw up a properly-manicured lawn or tear up a vegetable garden inside a short time. To avoid this, you will want so that you can move their house in one spot to another so that your lawn will receive a little fertilizer today after which another patch tomorrow.

Rotation is the specific game having a “chicken ark.” Most chicken runs and also the coops are stationary and they’re the easiest to look after.

Let’s check out the chicken hutches themselves. They should be cozy and warm for the flock, but additionally well ventilated, with doorways and home windows. Access ought to be easy so that you can cleanse their mess, and collect the eggs.

chicken eggs

They also require a regular fresh way to obtain bedding materials to have their nest boxes tidy and clean. Ventilation in addition to ease of access is important simply because they could possibly get sick pretty easily when they get chilled or wet.

Fortunately, there are many sources online on chicken coops and runs for that DIY’er, regardless if you are an experienced pro, or completly computer illiterate. You’ll find info on the concern and raising of these, in addition to a a few different hutch styles, plans and tips about getting the most from raising your feathered flock.

I suggest this entire guide with plans for various chicken coops and runs in addition to care and feeding information and everything you will have to know to maintain your hens happy and productive all-in-one package.


Easy to Clean Backyard Suburban Chicken Coop – Free plans


David Falchek: My chickens complain about my using discount lumber.  Also, they are very critical of my angles. 

deasttn: +David Falchek I hear ya. Mine bust my chops about the pallet wood I used and the oops paint. Thank goodness they haven't discovered that my hinges don't match :-)

�� Build a Chicken Coop: David Falchek

SSLFamilyDad: Many have asked about the cost of this chicken coop. As of right now I am getting close to $400 for the coop, run, feeding, and watering system. Still have some work to do to make the run a mobile chicken tractor and once that is done I will have just over $400 invested into it, thanks to all who have commented with this question!

andrew beaudry: Roy Boate \nyou can use used shipping pellets for structure old plywood signs. or demo shed etc Check kijiji for used building supplies

Tyster_ 19: SSLFamilyDad how many chickens do u have ?

The Mountain Man Chef: Last question hope!!! LOL …Doubt it!! 3/4 of the way completed and working on the run now. The rain of Biblical Proportions here in Colorado Springs has slowed down and I have to get this project done. The chicks have gotten so much bigger after picking them up a month ago that the daily rain for 2 months has slowed everything down and pretty soon they will be free ranging in the basement!!!  In one of the videos you have built a nesting box in the run area. How is that working out and do they use it? Have you taken it down or is it still up?\nGod Bless you and your family and thank you for your service. We are a big military town here with Ft. Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain and Norad and the Air Force Academy. We are forever indebted to the service and protection you have given us and thank you for protecting us and our freedom. I thank my dad everyday as he was in the Air Force Pilot. Keep up the good work!

SSLFamilyDad: +TheMountainMan Chef Thanks man! I would not recommend putting a nesting box in the run unless you are turning it into a chicken tractor like mine. Even then, they don't see, to ever lay eggs while out and about anyway. It turned out to be kind of a waste actually. Good luck over there! Share a pic on our facebook page when your done if you can

The Mountain Man Chef: Will do! I have you on my FB page. Been following you for a few months. Check out my page\nThe Mountain Man Chef\nAlready put some pictures up on there. \nThanks for the info, will not be putting a nest box in the run unless I find an egg in there in the future!

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