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Coop Tour 2016 Summary!

The 2016 annual Plastic Valley Tour de Coop,  a totally free, self-led bicycle around chicken coops, gardens, bee hives, hoop houses, and coolest Plastic Valley urban homesteads, happened on Saturday, September 15, 2016.  1,937 folks agreed to ride and look for the coops!

 2016 Tour De Coop Photo wrapup page!

Got inspired around the Tour De Coop?

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Coop Goodness – 2015 – It happened!

2008 folks registered for that 2015 Tour De Coop

The 4th annual Plastic Valley Tour de Coop,  a totally free, self-led bicycle around chicken coops, gardens, bee hives, hoop houses, and coolest Plastic Valley urban homesteads happened on Saturday, September 19, 2015 from 9AM to 4 PM.

Search for a photo summary from the 2015 Tour!

More Photos and blog records from Tourist and Coopsters


2010 coop tour has been backed by Slow Food South Bay, local chapter of Slow Food USA.  Slow Food South Bay positively promotes our local food communities to ensure that everybody can also enjoy food that’s good, clean and fair.  Click the icon below for more information!


Tour De Coops, Phoenix 2015


Daniel Courtney: Cool tour Joe! Apparently there's more than 31 flavors when it comes to chicken coups. I've got one that I made of PVC and corrugated metal about 8 years ago that I need to replace. PVC doesn't last long in the AZ. Thanks for the ideas.

homesteadonomics: +Daniel Courtney Thanks Daniel… it's always cool to see what others are doing! And yes, I've found that pac doesn't like the AZ sun so! I try to paint any pvc on my property to mitigate the effects……or another option for PVC type construction might be EMT electrical conduit… pretty cheap for the conduit but the fittings can get pretty pricey if you don't get them in bulk.\nBut on to your new coop… you game to let me take a tour when you get it built? :)\nJoe

radicaljoe: Such variety in one place.   Take a little here, a little there and you're only limited by your own imagination.  I really like what they did with the streetscape.  Good use of otherwise wasted surface.  Approximately how much area does this take up?  Thanks for sharing.  Be safe.

homesteadonomics: +radicaljoe Hey Joe… it was in a few square mile area in and around downtown Phoenix. The several years it was spread out around the valley and there were many more coops to look at. This years was good in regard to not having to drive far… but it was a little limited in the amount of coops. Hopefully next year they might bridge the gap and have a slightly larger area to incorporate a few more coops.\nI'd actually like to organize one of these in Tucson next year, but just not sure if I'd have the time for it:)\nJoe

Permaculture Homestead: really great stuff Joe, thx for the share.

homesteadonomics: +Permaculture Prepper No problem, it was a fun time for sure! Lots of great ideas and things to see :)\nJoe

Zack Williams: Thanks for sharing, Joe! I'll be sure to pass your video along the staff I volunteer under at VPA! Great footage and nice editing!\n\nAlso, do you have an email address I can message you at? (I'm a little hesitant to post my physical address on YouTube for all to see, haha)\n\nCheers!\n\nZack

homesteadonomics: +Zack Williams Hey Zack… totally understandable… if you go to my channel page (click on the 'homesteadonomics') then click on the 'about' tab… you should see an icon to 'view email' address, to get my email address:)\nJoe

Zack Williams: +homesteadonomics Hi Joe!\n\nI tried to write you an email last week; did it make it over to you?\n\nHope all is well!\n\n(great barn craft project by the way :D)\n\n-Zack

Blackberry Hideout: Tour de Coops was fun! This being our third tour I expected to see repeat coops on the list, but there wasn't one. Great recap, Joe!

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