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Home-grown New Mexico’s – Primary Fundraiser Event! Come support us therefore we could provide our great classes and occasions! (We're a 501c-3 Non-Profit Corporation run exclusively by volunteers, so that your ticket might be tax-deductible)


Kitchen Garden & Coop Tour
Sunday, August 6
9 am – 3 pm

Our 2017 Kitchen Garden & Coop tour is around the corner. Have you got your ticket yet?  Come get inspired for your own personel gardens about this self-paced tour! See five of Santa Fe’s most inspirational gardens. Get ideas which you can use at the place or simply enjoy these beautiful edible and functional landscapes.

The Five qualities around the tour this season will feature many gardening ideas—beautiful vegetable gardens, fruit trees, backyard chicken coops, composting, backyard bees, greywater systems, greenhouses, an area community garden, permaculture sites, edible landscapes and rainwater harvesting systems.

Continue reading for more information on every house and the way to buy tickets. You can aquire a map from the homes around the tour the final week right before the tour here here.

Cost: Liberated to people/$25 per person for non-people/children under 12 have the freedom

PREPAID TICKETS: You are able to prepay online having a charge card. If you wish to make use of a charge card, it's important to prepay here on this website.


Day's TOUR:  Check or cash ONLY recognized on day's tour.  Pay in the first property you visit around the tour.

To print from the map below, visit here:




Listed Here Are the five Special Qualities
Around the 2017 Tour


1. Amy Hetager Community Garden-1304A Avenida Alizo
If you're a gardener and space is restricted where you reside or individuals individuals considering joining a residential area garden, a great example.  Backed through the Town of Santa Fe Parks Division, it had been established in '09, and is among six such gardens, scattered round the city. It's beautiful and it was named following the late Amy Hetager who had been among the founders of Home-grown Boise State Broncos.  We all know she'd are proud of this garden. Everybody pays a little fee to assist cover the price of water and maintenance from the garden as well as in return has their very own elevated garden plot where they are able to plant and harvest for any season – renewable yearly. Many veggies are grown here from corn and tomato plants, to squash, peppers and cucumbers. All of the gardeners’ interact maintaining the most popular areas – including 2 plots grown for that Food Depot, a Earthworm Compost Bin along with a beautiful Perennial planting created by David Salman. Come observe how one community garden could work.

Even the Santa Fe mayor is going to be there from 10-10:30 to show support for the city’s efforts to supply community gardening space.


alessandra group2

2. Alessandra & Steve Haines-52 Mansion Drive
Steven and Alessandra Haines survive its northern border finish of town from Bishop’s Lodge Road, where they started their garden 17 years back. They've a comprehensive spread of vegetable gardens that cover their property. Always tinkering and tinkering with their gardens, they will use a number of techniques from elevated beds to small hoop houses to soilless gardens.  They possess a playful method of garden building using found materials for example corrugated steel roofing to create surprisingly beautiful elevated beds.  Not certain to convention one will discover a number of interesting companion plantings for example nasturtiums woven among the tomato plants or Hubbard squash racing from a cucumber patch.  And so they have fruit trees, berries and grapes and veggies in unique containers on their own back patio. Alessandra loves the henhouse that Steven constructed from oak flooring saved from your old schoolhouse. A green house and cold frame are utilized to grow starts and veggies during the cold months. Alessandra enjoys “innovating” with the fresh foods their garden produces. She states “its by pointing out compost”. They've been amending their sandy soil w/ food scraps, yard waste and manure: chicken, goat and horse, growing the fertility from the soil and how it can hold water.

SCAT (Santa Fe Master Gardeners Compost Action Team) is going to be on hands to reply to the questions you have about composting.



HOMESTEAD GARDEN AND CHICKENS. A tour of the chicken coop.


Michael Crowder: This plan adds simplicity for those who have tried or are considering raising chickens in your backyard. My grandmother would have thanked him for making her life easier had she read this guide  when she was raising chickens. Green provided some great tips and tricks, step-by-step procedures and techniques on how to successfully build a coop [Check Details Here⇒⇒⇒ ]. It also makes the plan more interesting when simplified. ChileExpatFamily: Ya know when you say "10 below" I am thinking below what? HA ha:) Michael Guzzello: nice coop and the dog was funny at the beginning Texas Jerry: Nice video,Boss. Question: I have been trying for years to grow nice hens like yours. What is your secret for planting those chicken seeds? I usually buy two dozen and plant them small end down and about 4 inches. Have yet to grow a damm hen. Help? Way down here in Texas. S.R. Hurst: How many hens do you keep for your egg requirements? Any favorite breed of hens to suggest? thebossoftheswamp: 6 hens for 2 people and 12 when I'm selling eggs.  I like Rhode Island Reds and Hampshire reds are a nice breed. S.R. Hurst: +thebossoftheswamp\nThanks for the tips. Always appreciated boss. Heidi Clark: now that's a cool de Villie! �� Workin On It: Very nice garden and coop. How did the garden turn out? Duane K: JC great videos. Always a pleasure to watch. Where you are located do you ever do any mushroom searching? Morals and others? Again, great job on everything. Best to you and Frankie!

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