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Passive Solar Straw Bale Chicken House and Gravity Given Composting Yard System

The chicken house and yard was created like a system.  Utilizing gravity,  We add food waste and chicken manure and switch out compost at the end from the yard. Our Guiding Principle in Design: Every Function is based on many elements and each element serves many functions

Why Chickens:

Our chickens fulfill this principle on the majority of levels, and therefore are an excellent focal point in our organic permaculture demonstration, supplying us using the following:

  • Wholesome organic chicken meat and fresh eggs
  • Aeration and fertilization of soil, weed and bug control  (when put into our chicken tractor)
  • A way to obtain renewable compost
  • Money from eggs we target locals
  • Educational possibilities in animal husbandry, pet care, sustainable system-based design and exercise, and recycling nutrients on-site as well as in yard.

Coop Factors:

To ensure that our chickens to become both happy and healthy, we considered the next while designing our chicken house:

  • Simple to clean
  • Has good drainage
  • Protects the flock from wind and sun rodents, wild bird, and predatory animal proof
  • Sufficient roost
  • Nests that lure hens to put inside
  • Offers lots of sun light
  • Includes sanitary and efficient feed and water stations
  • Closeness to slope for gravity given yard
  • Southern exposure
  • Quick access to compost
  • Yard canopy
  • Affordability
  • On-going educational possibilities
  • Thermal mass
  • Recycled mater
  • Super insulation
  • Well ventilated
  • Free from drafts
  • Keeps a stable temperature

Passive Solar:

In Colorado we obtain 300+ times of sunshine annually. We made a decision to use passive solar strategies to keep our chickens warm throughout the winter and awesome throughout the summer time.  Because the sun shines in the south within the northern hemisphere, we choose glazing (sliding clear glass door) across the south facing wall.  This gives us lots of free heat throughout the winter several weeks.  By designing a 3-feet eave around the south side in our coop we permit the sun’s sun rays to enter the coop throughout the winter, while blocking direct sun throughout the summer time.

Why would you use Straw Bale:

Straw bale has numerous attributes so we incorporated them into our chicken house design. We finished the walls with stucco around the outdoors as well as an earthen plaster inside.  Straw bales provides for us:

  • Superinsulation and appropriate thermal mass offers the perfect temperature all year round
  • Simple construction (stack and pin)
  • Low costs
  • The conversion of the local farming waste productinto an invaluable building material
  • Fireresistant, waterproof, pest-free, and lengthy-lasting ( if built correctly)
  • Supplies a unique community chance to learn
  • Reduces the necessity to use resource intensive and toxic building materials
  • Elegant
  • Elegant solution produced from place

Coop Yard:

The coop yard was created on the slope to make use of gravity.  Feed, food scraps, leaves and weeds are put towards the top of the yard.  The chickens peck, scratch and manure delivering the waste to the foot of the yard where it gathers and cooks lower into compost.  A door at the end from the yard could be elevated to gain access to this compost.

The fencing is eight ft tall held by old cedar plank fence posts.  We put up orange baling twine across the top yard.  This prevents the hawks from diving in to the yard to steal the chickens.  We made the decision to not fence the top yard.  This enables many magpies along with other smaller sized wild birds in the future in to the yard, however the bigger ones are stored by the twine.


We started the look process by watching chickens and the things they’re doing and have to do their job best.


DiResta's Cut: Chicken Coop


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