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Come along April 25th 2015 from 2PM-4PM! The tours have the freedom and a terrific way to collect tips on coop design, find out about chicken breeds and satisfy the people that are raising chickens within the city. Tours are self-led and therefore are held in a number of neighborhoods around Columbus. Ours are in 1363 N. fourth Street…just a couple of doorways south from the gardens at fourth Street Farms in Weinland Park, an area from the Short North, College & New Indianola Historic Districts. Each one is welcome – it’s an excellent chance for children of every age group to see urban farming.

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Maps for that tour can be found at City Folk Farms Shop in Clintonville. City Folk Farms also provides classes on keeping chickens, soap making, backyard gardening, & mushroom inoculation,  as along with a number of urban farming events like seed & fermentation swaps. City Folk Farms is a superb source of urban residing in Columbus.

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We expect to seeing you at fourth Street Farms. You can begin in the gardens on the self-led tour from the herbs, fruits & veggies before heading south 4 doorways to 1363 N. fourth Street, in which the chickens have a backyard existence. Entry from street or alley can be obtained. There"s also friendly cats as well as an older dog to invite you in, while you take a look at baby chicks and older hens!

Winter Chicken Coop Tour 2015


Molly: This will be my first year having chickens in the winter… this was very helpful! Thanks

Mouse Toes: Nice set up and beautiful hens!

Amon7209: What size is the car structure itself? I plan on doing this.

Nouman Shabbir: Bared rock is quite famous

Anar Chy: so you heat the coop .. but with no isulating materials ?

Mi'kmaq Mama: +Anar Chy It is only heated with a heat lamp. I have now moved them into a shed-type structure. No insulation but it has a heat lamp. They are fine. If they were cold, I would see them huddling together, which they never do. They are cold-tolerant breeds.

Isaac owusu Kusi: what do you feed your chickens

Aaron Perrott: Wish we could have chickens here in Sackville. Time to head up to Beaver Bank! Nice setup, btw. Gives me a few ideas. Take care. 

Mi'kmaq Mama: i am so glad this gave you some ideas :D

cindy b: the hens are beautiful and as someone stated, content, and so well card for.  you're a good chicken momma…what breed are they please?  

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