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Chicken Coop Plans
“Honey, when we get chickens, you can build the coop.” Challenge recognized.

Which was the way it all started. For me personally it was initially only a fun project, before lengthy I recognized the outcome this could make on my small kids, from organic food to sustainability and ecological impact.

As with every my projects, I started by planning. We researched about coop styles, chicken runs and chicken care. During the period of a few days all of our ideas merged in to the final the perception of our coop. Although technically big enough for more than 12 chickens, our little flock would live very comfortable within this “chicken condo”.

Chicken Coop Plans

Every good project begins with a decent foundation, along with a good assistant. The ground from the coop is going to be elevated about 20″ over the ground both to discourage predators and to own hens a shady spot to spend time during the sunshine.

Associated with pension transfer of my projects, I actually do have a tendency to overbuild a bit however i really shouldn't cope with structural issues and so i used 4×4 legs which i will support on blocks to level and stop rotting, and 2×4 framing.

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Chicken Coop Plans

The walls were just a little tricky and required lots of pre-planning to obtain the home windows and door frames just how I needed them. Both of these walls include two small home windows on front using the chicken door, along with a bigger window and human sized door quietly.

I made use of 2×2’s to border the walls. 2×4’s could have been more expense, a great deal heavier, and sacrificed usable interior space. And i believe 2×2’s is going to be plenty strong with this application.

Chicken Coop Plans

The framing went very rapidly because of my air compressor and nail gun. Just a little geometry and that i could design and construct the rooftop trusses myself. The peaked roof won't look cute but permit some perch room for that hens.

You may also begin to see the early stages from the “nests”. Generally nests supports 2-3 chickens each that is ample for the needs. These nests have a hinged lid allowing us access in the outdoors for simple egg collection.

Chicken Coop Plans

I finished up selecting metallic roofing with this project. Not just could it have been relatively affordable, it had been quite simple to set up, and incredibly waterproof.

I additionally used 3/8″ sheathing to wall within the framing. Again, attempting to use 3/4″ sheathing could have been overkill and much more costly. I designed the coop particularly to become 48″ wide, 72″ lengthy, and 48″ inches high (not counting the attic room). This managed to get super simple to use 4′ x 8′ sheets of sheathing with practically no waste.

I began by clamping a good piece in position then utilizing a pencil to follow all doorways and home windows from inside. I Then required it lower and installed 1/2″ hardware cloth total home windows. When I’m done, this is a much safer home than our home. I Then used my jig saw to reduce the doorways and home windows and permanently installed the wall sheathing.

It's super essential that the coop remain ventilated but nonetheless dry inside for that chickens’ health. To that particular finish I'm wrapping the outside in tar paper before installing any siding. All joints are covered so you should be good.

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Chicken Coop Plans

This is actually the fun part because we obtain to begin the finishing touches. I made use of cedar plank shingle to pay for the outside walls. Very fast and simple with my air compressor and staple remover. My miter saw made quick work of shingles across the roof line. I additionally used some 1×2 furring strips and white-colored paint to include some pretty nice searching molding round the base, home windows, and doorways.

Chicken Coop Plans

I lined the inside with marmoleum, a non-toxic, waterproof material that will permit me to clean the coop periodically and safeguard the sub floor. The marmoleum extended across the floor contributing to 6″ on every side creating almost a shower tub which then we full of pine shavings.

Periodically we'll rake with the shavings which keeps it searching and smelling clean. Then two times annually we'll replace all of the old shavings. The awesome factor may be the old shavings go directly into my compost bin filled with chicken waste that are ideal for compost.

Chicken Coop Plans

Finally, we colored the shingles, added the doorways and ornamental shades including some awesome black hardware.

I additionally used some 2/2’s and a few old pallets to produce my fun white-colored picket fence chicken run. The run can also be enclosed by hardware cloth making the only real access points through locked doorways. Nothing larger than a girl bug gets in here without permission.

Welcome home, chickens!

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Chicken Coop Plans

Here are the tools and supplies I made use of within this project. If you are looking at one, have a look. You receive a fun product, I recieve an enjoyable commission. Thanks!


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Tim Hansen: This is a clever/cheap build from a carpenter’s/homeowner’s viewpoint, but my compliments would stop there for a Connecticut-climate coop apparently designed for AT LEAST 6 adult chickens. Others here have mentioned some of this coop’s flaws, here are my suggestion: If you insist on this design’s 16 sq. ft. floor plan, put in only 3 nesting boxes a couple feet off the floor, thus leaving the full 16′ of floor area. Chickens hate being crowded; they get stressed. Get only 2 or 3 chickens. Put in a dedicated roosting bar/pole; this design does not include even that basic amenity. Put in a south-facing window to allow for some winter light/heat on cold, bad-weather days when your birds will be stuck inside this tiny box for days on end. Insulate at least the floor. Run electricity to the coop to power a watering-can heating element in mid-winter, and/or a heat lamp, and/or low-wattage light bulb/timer to extend the “daytime” in mid-winter. Hope for a lot of good weather.I lucked out, buying a property with an old horse loafing shed which I converted to a 80 sq. ft., passive-solar chicken coop. Imagining my hens in this video’s tiny, dark, cold, roostless  box makes me shudder…..

Marion Moreland: nice 🙂 and by the way if anyone need some more guide on how to build chicken coop here’s step by step guide I used and I can recommend it. see more here

Dr.Vas: Love how Kevin’s eye protection does a great job in protecting the top of his head rather than his eyes while he’s working.

Michael Worsham: By now you should have some basic information on the ‘musts’ for building a chicken coop.  This includes choosing the best type of coop for your preferences in the first place, choosing the correct materials * [Check Details Here⇒⇒⇒ ]  that will enable you to keep costs down, and then how to build a chicken coop that will last for years to come.

Erik Nystul: “Hope it doesn’t leak!” hahaha

oldchickenlady: mighty tiny coop….

Bruce Wayne: As someone who raised chickens there is a lot wrong with this coop, and a lot overdone unnecessarily. \n1. Chickens need good ventilation, without it they get infections easy.\n2. for 2 or 3 chickens this might be large enough, but if that’s the case you only need one or two nesting boxes, not 6.\n3. the outdoor pen does not need to be that tall. Chickens are no more than 2 feet tall… think of building a house with 60 foot ceilings… unnecessary and a waste of material.\n4. Everyone builds a ramp, but it’s not needed, even if you clip the birds wings they can still fly small distances. The only time it’s needed is when they are young chicks.\nTip: build a place for the birds to roost in the coop, a simple 1 inch dowel will work.

Backwoods Minnesota: you dont need near that many nest boxes hens will share nest boxes you should have one nest box for every 3 or 4 birds. they sleep on roosts not in the boxes

tuuletallajad: hope it doesn’t leak 😀

oldchickenlady: not worth a plugged nickel……

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