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Help guide to designing the right chicken house - time, the backyard

So I’ve been studying and bookmarked a ridiculous quantity of your posts and am so grateful for those this smart information! Experience is clearly key naturally we all can verify. I’d like some assistance with a couple of things if at all possible and hopefully this helps others too. We reside in Nebraska so our climate is really 4 seasons. Cold winters, hot summers, wet springs and comfy autumns is most likely the easiest method to explain our climate. I’m worried about the breeds I’ve selected somewhat because of their combs and want your guidance here.

1. We’ve 1 Barred Rock, 1 Red Sex Link and 1 Buff Orpington. I had been thinking about also getting 2 Ameraucanas (I know there are several discrepancies for this breed and I’m hopeful I’ve found the correct one through our local feed store) and 1-2 Easter time Eggers. I’ve done this much research and it was certain each one of these breeds would prosper within our climate. But I’m just a little worried about frostbite.

2. This brings me to my next question…space for the chickens and whether we ought to add some Ameraucanas and Easter time Eggers. I’ve selected to purchase the plans for that Chez Poulet coop that’s found throughout Pinterest. I really like how cute it’s for just one which is going to be an accessory for the backyard. We survive .3 acres that is roughly 13,200 square ft. The coop such as the run is 11 foot lengthy by 7 foot tall by 4 foot wide. We may also be adding fencing around that to allow them to emerge in to the yard yet still be protected. The backyard itself presently doesn’t have fencing but we are adding a 6′ wood fence hopefully this summer time. So, I absolutely don’t want my hens to become unhappy. I really like my creatures almost around my children! (Let’s be truthful here…they’re a detailed second because they’re not mouthy! Ha!) We look out onto a wooded area and reside in a culdesac. So I believed 6-7 chickens however I’m thinking we ought to stick to 3-5. I had been wanting more colored eggs however i won’t put my wants before my hens needs. I understand the coop is fancy and outrageous and that i know backyard chicken raising is trending. I’ve been researching constantly and also have seen others do that job poorly because of a lot of chickens and never enough space, insufficient discipline to help keep the coop clean, etc. I will not be that chicken mother. It’s disturbing to witness others behave in this manner.

3. I’m concern about the new summers and cold winters. The house faces east meaning our backyard faces west. Our plan’s to possess our coop outside near our deck and basement sliding clear glass door for simple use of eggs. If you’ve seen the coop, the nesting boxes for all of us to achieve into will face north as well as their cute little run door to be released in the coop will face south. I understand it because the forest are behind our home. Within the summer time, the backyard is shaded til about 12-1pm approximately and on the other hand in the trees around 5pm or later. So technically they’ll obtain the heat for around 5 hrs within the summer time. Is much more even with respect to the month or fewer.

I recognize it is really an very lengthy, type An itemized publish. 🙂 Thanks ahead of time for the some time and advice!!


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