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Chicken Coop

There are numerous chicken house plans available in cyber land. Everybody is bragging

about how exactly they’ve the very best ones. Well, once more at Raising Chickens, we’ve done hard part for you personally. We looked them out for you personally and purchased them ourselves, so

we’re able to have a look their way, review them carefully, and provide you with our opinions. We would like you to help make the most informed decisions possible before you decide to spend your hard earned dollars.

There might be some questions that you would like to inquire about yourself even before you consider purchasing

your personal chicken house plans:

Do I wish to build my very own chicken house?

It can save you money by doing the work yourself. When you buy a pre-made one, you will usually pay a minimum of $500 plus shipping (which often is not cheap). But could it be worth

time? That’s at your discretion. Most somebody that has a minimum of an inkling of "do-it-yourselfInch inside them

can take shape a coop inside a weekend approximately.

Will I need chicken house plans? Why?

You will possibly not. People who understand woodworking can most likely just draft their very own chicken house plans

and make it themselves, but you’ll most likely miss several things. A number of these plans for sale contain multiple plans of different sizes featuring. Even though you could construct it

yourself you’ll most likely get ideas of products to include and the ways to get it done. I did. Plus many of these are easy. When you buy them safely, after that you can download them straight

for your computer. You don’t need to pay shipping costs and you don’t need to wait. It had been easy after i made it happen.

Let’s focus on the reviews.

Better: Chicken House Guides

Quantity of Chicken House Plans: 6 plus one plan just for a chicken run.

Five from the plans are suitable for bigger coops (10-20 chickens) and something plan’s for any chicken tractor, as well as the arrange for the chicken run, for you to really increase the coops

they have.


Chicken Keeping Basics (12 pages): These basics feature good quality chicken information. There are several tips. The one which stands apart i believe is really a section on "how to maintain your

chickens from eating their very own eggs."

Keeping Chickens Within the City (2 pages): This really is some very fundamental advice for individuals living inside the city limits.

Keeping Chickens Safe / Healthy (11 pages): This informative guide contains good quality info on common illnesses and prevention methods.

Egg Recipes (42 pages): It was really my personal favorite bonus. They provide you with 111 recipes for eggs. Good quality ones in here!

The Reduced Lower:

This is an excellent quality guide. Overall the plans are firm and varied. However, If only they’d more specific plans for any mid-size coop, but you can always scale lower the plans they’ve. The bonuses contain good quality information and could be worth your time and effort to see. Did I only say I loved the egg recipes? Well, Used to do.

cost: $37.00

Not the best selection on the planet, but well worth the cost of admission, particularly if you want the egg recipes and also the arrange for the chicken run, each of which are unique and should not be located

in other guides.

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Best: Creating A Chicken House

Quantity of Chicken House Plans: You’ve six chicken house plans and something chicken tractor plan. You’ve one mid-size coop included here, the remainder are suitable for 10-20 chickens after which obviously the chicken tractor that’s for any couple of chickens.

Also featured may be the "Creating A Chicken House Guide." This informative guide to go together with building your coop contains 84 pages so they cover enough detailed information online. They discuss from

selecting the best coop to controlling temperatures inside your coop featuring that might be useful for cold and the sunshine environments.


Chicken Architect (152 pages): This can be a full book from 1907. It’s an interesting undertake chicken house building and lots of the data incorporated continues to be viable today.

The Proper Way To Position Your Chicken House (3 pages): Fundamental, but information.

How You Can Easily Build Nesting Boxes From Common Materials (3 pages): Reliable information.

Best Materials (3 pages): Great for individuals who’re a new comer to building.

The Least expensive Materials (3 pages): Again, fundamental, but information.

The Reduced Lower:

I rated that one the very best for that value. They’ve got more varied plans which are great quality. There is a great 84 page guide which contains well-organized and information

that you ought to know when likely to develop a coop. There bonuses are fundamental information, but they’re important. That old Chicken Architect book is another unique twist along with a good bonus.

Cost: $19.89

A really fair cost when compared to other plan.

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Video: Help Make Your Own Chicken House

Okay I understand a number of you need to do better by watching a relevant video than studying a magazine. This really is my personal favorite video on creating a chicken house.

Cost: $26.99

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Tim Wilson: I love your coop, but I do have a question.  I am thinking of getting 6 or 8 hens and am wondering, if the 4×4 coop would be a little tight, for that many birds.  I am leaning towards stretching it out, to 8×4.   I have never had chickens, before, so I have no idea the actual size, I need.  Any help would be appreciated.  I figure, you have already done most, of the thinking, for me, through your videos, so why not ask.  No, really, thanks, for all of your help.

SSLFamilyDad: +Tim Wilson the coop size is probably fine but you may want to make the run bigger. That is where they spend most of the time and where they need the room. The coop is just for them to perch and sleep really, and lay eggs

�� Build a Chicken Coop: Tim Wilson

Collo: God has richly blessed you!

The Swanson Method: how much hardware cloth did you need?

SSLFamilyDad: I can't remember exactly to be honest but I remember grabbing two rolls of it, if you have already bought yours let me know how much you used and I will notate it in the plans, thanks

Danny Tran: Would the chickens fly out if I didn't put a roof up and the walls were 4ft high?

SSLFamilyDad: +Danny probably not but it is a good idea to have protection from rain, hawks, and provide shade

John919: Thank you. Just got 8 Chicks 5 days ago and really like your coop design.

SSLFamilyDad: +Brother John good luck! Let us know if you have any questions along the way

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