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by Fall Foushée / Illustrations by Tom Kimball

Chicken coop designs

Chickens give to us eggs, meat, good laughs and good occasions, but additionally for their daily dietary needs, we must give them sturdy, reliable shelter that protects them from predators and harsh weather.

Chicken coops are available in many sizes, designs and shapes, and could be constructed from a variety of materials for several different purposes.

Incorporated below are some various kinds of chicken coops from your economical, portable chicken shed to chicken arks that offer daytime protection to some time-tested, classic chicken house.

The skill of the Ark

The chicken ark can be used mainly in situations where wild birds cannot range freely throughout the day because of predators, concerned neighbors or city ordinances. Arks provide use of daylight and keep your chickens near to home and guarded.

Chicken Ark
Chicken Ark

Chicken arks also permit you to rotate in which you graze your flock. It is simple to move

these small enclosures to fresh grass so wild birds can savor the sunlight and eat bugs for their heart’s content. Arks work nicely for flocks of under 12 wild birds. You can buy arks from commercial dealers or construct your own.

If you are game try your hands at ark building, their simple construction can make the procedure easily. Check out these arks.


Mammy’s 1895 Chicken House

Tarter Gate’s timeless “Mammy’s 1895 Chicken House” is really a coop design according to one built by Pleasure Tarter’s grandma and grandpa.

drawings of Mammy' src=
The famous Chicken House
A drawing of the Chicken House

The coop design stands the ages. The initial coop still stands in Kentucky, where Joy’s grandma and grandpa resided.

You can easily keep clean and maintain. The chickens are very well-protected against predators through the strong wire mesh round the bottom and also the solid-wood construction.

The look contains a fenced run where chickens have access to the outside and become protected against predators.

The inside from the coop has generated-in roosts and nesting boxes with retracting home windows for warmth and ventilation. Using a chicken door, the wild birds have access to the fenced run by themselves. Browse the plans here, thanks to Tarter Gate, or view and download them online at

You will find multitudes of chicken-coop designs available. Begin using these ideas and intends to quick start your personal design creativeness or rely on them to construct your chickens a good home.


Chicken Shed

The chicken shed is a straightforward, affordable design that’s simple to build.

To help make the shed much more efficient, construct it on skids so it may be moved easily.

Or, construct it on piers to supply elevated defense against ground predators and also to boost the lifespan from the coop’s wooden base.

Home windows can contain bits of fiberglass that may be removed for summertime ventilation. If you’re able to find used home windows with wooden sashes, use them commercially easy ventilation and to own coop a finished look.

Poultry Shed drawings
A Poultry Shed floorplan
The structure of a Poultry Shed
Side view of a Poultry Shed

The chicken shed also incorporates roosts, feeders, nesting boxes, space for any waterer along with a closed-off space for storing of feed and supplies.

The look is the best for a little flock of a maximum of twelve wild birds.

You are able to provide outside access by fencing within an area surrounding the coop and allowing your wild birds to range freely—the convenience of the chicken shed brings them home during the night to roost securely and peacefully. The chicken shed and chicken ark plans derive from individuals in Building Animal Housing by Carol Ekarius. 


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