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Chickens wake up early, poop a great deal and waste a lot of food – which are trouble for lazy chicken maqui berry farmers, like ourselves.  Over the 2 years we’ve owned our chickens, I’ve devised a couple of strategies which have permitted us to continue being as lazy, or possibly efficient, as you possibly can.

To begin with, I must provide a shout to Mark King of King’s Berry Farm  who made us our coop.  It is really a project I possibly could did myself, however the time that it might have taken me in comparison to the cost Mark charges to create these managed to get a smart choice.

Problem 1:  Sunrise

When the first shafts of sunshine begin to penetrate our chicken house, our Buff Orpingtons (all named Dorothy, after Dina’s grandmother) will be ready to take at the time.  I however, need my 8 hrs rest so when the sun’s rays increases I’m frequently in my roost and never ready to be released until many hrs later.  Our chicken house has a sliding door which will help safeguard the wild birds from varmints (raccoons, possums, etc.) and keeps the chicken house warmer and fewer drafty during the cold months.  The problem is when that door is closed each morning once the chickens awaken they’re turn off using their water and food and therefore are more vulnerable to pluck the each other’s down (therefore, the term “pecking order.” Ouch.)

Solution: Drapery Motor + Timer

I purchased this drapery motor from (which is made to instantly open and shut curtains) and plugged it into a regular electric timer at home depot.

Now I can’t claim only at that is exclusively my invention.  I got the concept from Jarrett Man at Stone Soup Farm, but this is how it really works within our coop: clearly states to not make use of this particular model for chicken coops but mine has worked for 2 years with no problem.  To take into account the load from the absent curtain, I added a classic paint can and filled it with rocks and water.

Within the summers I set my timer to trigger the doorway to seal at 9pm and open again at 5:30am.  As the times get shorter, I readjust the timer accordingly.

Here is what it appears as though for action:

Problem 2: Poop

I believe chickens poop greater than it normally won’t, that is really a great factor for gardeners.  Chicken manure when correctly composted can also add a lot of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for your garden beds.  So we like the stuff, we would like to scoop up less than possible.  For some time, after i washed the coop, I’d just place the straw and poop directly into the composter.  But the coop need cleaning weekly and also the straw didn’t break lower well within the compost.

Solution: Poop Gutter

Eventually, I observed that each night once the Dorothy’s went directly into roost, they’d usually orient themselves in the very same way.  And every day the bedding under their roost would get poopier and poopier.   And So I made the decision a catch system is at order.

Utilizing an old gutter along with a 2×4 ripped at 45 levels I mounted this “Poop Gutter” right underneath the Dorothy’s butts to trap their night time production.

The gutter slides out and in easily and enables us to place the poop directly into the composter without any straw.  It also keeps the bedding cleaner and rather of weekly cleanings, we’re carrying out a cleaning monthly, for the most part.  This in-turn, aids in preventing fly problems.

Problem 3: Having fun with the food

Urban chicken proponents reason that getting chickens within the city isn’t any much more of an annoyance than getting the cat or perhaps a dog.  We are big advocates of keeping keeping chickens within the city, but when you aren’t contentious, there are lots of ways that chickens could be more difficult than traditional pets.  If it’s not necessary a poop gutter or good management techniques, chickens can smell and attract flies.  They may also attract rodents who frequently make their distance to nearby homes.  We found this out last winter whenever a neighbor dug up a box of rodents-chewed clothes they’d kept in storage.  This is common when storing things in houses which are over a century old.  But within this situation our Dorothy’s were implicated through the stash of chicken food the rodents had also left lounging around in bottom from the box.

Solution: Food Catch

Chicken feeders are ordinarily from the achieve of unwanted pests and are made to minimize food getting wasted on the floor.  But our Dorothy’s create a huge mess from it anyway.  So to avoid the all-you-can-eat mouse buffet I come up with another catch system to gather the meals which was spilling from the feeder.

I built a box about 1 and 1/2 " deep and laid the plastic grid from the florescent light within the top.

The holes are adequately sized to permit stray food to feed and collect towards the bottom from the box but sufficiently small to avoid rodents from gaining access to it.

The grid slips off easily so when this area will get full, I’m able to just poor the spilled food into the feeder, saving our neighbor’s clothes in addition to a decent amount of cash on chicken food.

Problem 4: Uncultured and Uninspired Chickens:

Egg lounging could be monotonous and our chickens don’t escape much.  We wish these were the opportunity, however the limitations from the city prevent them from escaping . and socializing.

Solution: Artwork

We thought a soaring balk bald eagle, produced by 99-year-old Louis Charpentier along with a painting Dina selected in Haiti would help our wild birds to desire to all that they’ll be.

Yes, I recognize that no real self-respecting player would have time or energy with this, but that’s okay.  We’re fine with being fake maqui berry farmers for the moment.


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Rm Harrison: Great design,I only have ONE comment.. I dont know how close to out in country you are. I had built one from osb board( like the wood you have). where we live we have coyotes, bobcats, etc CLOSE. The coyotes ATE the osb to get the whole flock. The reason? Osb when it gets wet repeatedly it weakens it…Other than suggesting plywood and painted, great project:-)

Flower Girl: I hate to tell you this, but a fox could chew right through that chicken wire and if you have any holes 1" anywhere, rats will get to your chickens. Besides that, great job for a first time coop build.

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Ben Joseph: Being enclosed in OSB means breathing LOTS of toxic outgassing…especially when its warm weather…\njust in case you are wary of chemicals as i am…my wife gags from the outgassing! …so its real. Pallet wood …plank boards are good.

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