DIY Chicken Coops Tips You Need To Know

A DIY chicken coop is a very practical way of erecting housing for your chickens for several reasons. First, your coop is cheap compared to pre-fabricated or pre-built coops available in many stores and websites. Secondly, you will have the freedom of designing your coop, especially when you want to build it in a particular place and space.

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How To DIY The Right Way

A list of parts for a diy chicken coop which totals about $96Many people think that DIY (do it yourself) chicken coops are a simple rectangular enclosure where you put your chickens. The truth is that there is more to building a good chicken coop than it looks. Consider the type of chicken your are raising, the purpose of your chickens, and the number of your chickens before you start constructing a coop.

Once you have identified these factors, select a DIY chicken coop design that will make your chickens live a happy long life. The very first thing you need to consider is the space. Each chicken MUST have 4 square foot of space to itself. If you are raising hens for eggs and meat, you will need to have separate compartments for each chicken. Have good ventilation for your chickens, the more air, the better.

Tip #1 –  Choose The Right Materials

The problem with many DIY chicken coops is that people choose substandard quality materials because they are cheap. Ideally, you can  use wood and a wire mesh to make your chicken coop plans, but make sure you apply bio-friendly paint that will protect your coop from the elements. You do not want mushrooms growing on the wooden coop, these are poisonous for your chickens. Likewise, you do not want your chickens pecking on rusted metal on the ground. Applying paint is a simple solution to this problem.

Tip #2 –  Maintain Your DIY Chicken Coop

A chicken coop is fairly easy to build, but you have to build with hygiene and cleaning in mind. Chickens will produce dozens of droppings a day, which will require you to frequently clean the area. If you will make a DIY chicken coop, build it in such a way that cleaning will be an easy job for you. Avoid building your coop in tight corners and spots where you are hard to fit. If possible, make a detachable roof. This will prove very helpful during cleaning times.

Tip #3 – Keep It Safe And Secure

Most DIY chicken coops used by people have mesh wires as the walls of their enclosure. While this provides excellent ventilation, it provides very poor protection for your chickens against dogs and other larger animals who might take interest in your tasty chickens. For this reason, using a wood-based design is appropriate, especially if you live in an area where owls, raccoons, hawks live. Foxes are also very inquisitive and intelligent, and they have been known to open chicken coop hooks with relative ease.

The wood-based chicken coop is also the ideal DIY chicken coop plan for urban areas, because they look more appealing next to your house or outside your lawn. You can paint the coop in the same accent as the exterior of your house, this way you do not have to worry about your coop becoming an eyesore.

These are the most overlooked things that people fail to execute whenever they use DIY  plans. They tend to focus more on the nesting box, the egg storage, and the lighting of the chicken coops. Although these are important things, the above-mentioned tips are also essential in maintaining a proper chicken coop. Follow these DIY chicken coop tips and you will raise healthy fat chickens easily or check out plans like Chicken DIY Guide.